Charting the path from clinical to commercial

Along the commercialization journey, there are many things that need to be done to ensure a new product is ready for a successful launch. These include e-prescribing preparations, compendia services, state licensing, logistics partner selection, and much more. At Two Labs, our complete understanding of these areas, viewed from an integrated level, allows our clients to be better prepared for launching their new products with excellence.

Most of our clients are bringing their first pharma product to market, which means they benefit from a detailed timeline to walk them through the many complex steps required to move their launch from research to strategy to implementation.

Two Labs also supports mature manufacturers with services that focus on market and competitive intelligence, market access, Compendia and EHRx Solutions support.

Our Pharma Commercialization Services

Many see compendia databases as just a pricebook, but they’re so much more. In fact, an incorrect classification can mean a failed launch. 

Expecting EHR visibility without a proactive and reactive approach equates to lost sales, especially with the prevalence of e-prescribing in today’s market. 
Managing the logistics and flow of information about your new retail product is a key to being as efficient as possible with your commercialization efforts.
Bringing specialty drugs to market, while increasingly common, requires properly managing your channel and the flow of data and analytics.
In many ways, timely state licensing is just as important for your launch as the FDA approval process.
From choosing the right 3PL partner to tracking and analyzing performance, optimizing your trade strategy is a significant part of commercial success.
Ensuring that patients, healthcare providers and caregivers all have the information they need to access and properly use your treatment is important for all new drug launches.
Our team attentively manages the complex commercialization process from where you are to where you want to go, avoiding costly and time-consuming missteps that may delay a launch.

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