Trade Management

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Trade Management

To know if your channel is performing, the devil is in the data.

When it comes to channel management, there are a couple of items that require heavy lifting: Figuring out the right strategy for your drug and doing the ongoing legwork needed to manage that strategy. Both can be difficult for pharma manufacturers, whether your company is emerging or established. Nevertheless, the commercial success of your product relies on them being done well.

How We Can Help with Trade Management

From launch planning through execution and operationalizing, Two Labs partners with manufacturers to continuously monitor and manage key Trade Management strategies critical to their products’ commercial success.

Everything from DSCSA compliance readiness to inventory and data management, we monitor and manage inventories, ensuring enough product is available to meet demand while providing clients with inventory data insight for actionable purposes.

Ultimately, our goal is to focus on the details, taking daily actions removing the burden off of you and your team by avoiding channel management issues.

Two Labs Trade Issues Resolution iOS / Windows Compatible App

Pharmacy stocking issues for products can be addressed by sales teams on the spot with our Trade iOS / Windows compatible App.

In less than two minutes, our unique, simplified tool allows sales representatives to submit trade issues for triage using a digital escalation form. We provide in-person training for our app, which features a built-in user guide and can be customized and branded to your company.

Our app is integrated with our EHRx Solutions service. It offers capabilities to resolve product listing and other EHR issues sales teams encounter when physicians can’t find products for e-prescribing.

Trade Management iPhone App

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