Patient Services Strategy and Implementation

Removing barriers to access while improving patient adherence


Patient Services Strategy and Implementation

Giving patients the help and support they need to find and use your new drug

The success of your drug is only as reliable as patients’ ability to gain access to it, which is why it is vital that there is support for the reimbursement and cost share burden many face.

It’s not only important that patients understand the nuances of accessing your treatment – it’s also imperative that healthcare providers and caregivers understand it, as well. This is especially true in the complicated world of specialty pharma.

How We Can Help with Patient Services Strategy and Implementation

At Two Labs, we provide a comprehensive scope of patient support services to pharma manufacturers to help design a best-in-class patient program, implement that program and then execute a post-launch assessment to ensure customer satisfaction and program optimization.


We collaborate with each of our clients to design and implement programs geared towards supporting healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers throughout the treatment journey.


We work with clients to provide service offerings that help patients navigate the complex reimbursement and cost share burden.


We leverage insights gained from benchmarking, and meeting with advisory boards and focus groups to help inform the program model.


We assist clients in the evaluation and selection of the right patient services partner that serves as an extension of their organization and represents their own culture and values.


We manage the implementation of the program, taking the burden off manufacturers. For example, we often serve as a liaison between a manufacturer and their selected patient services partner, collaborating with them in the design of systems and processes.


We handle the post-launch review of the program, performing audits and gathering real-time customer satisfaction surveys. As we learn about what’s working well and what’s not, we modify the program accordingly, optimizing process flows and revising Work Instructions (Wis) and call guides.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure patient access while taking the burden off you and your team so you can focus on the approval process and higher-level business matters.

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No matter where you are in the process, we’re here to support, advise, and implement key strategies to ensure the success of your product.

We’re here to support your success from clinical to commercial – and beyond.

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