Case Study: Mock Launch Support


A pharma client came to Two Labs for patient services mock launch testing prior to their first product commercialization in the U.S. market.

The goal was to ensure successful product launch upon FDA approval, with a well-tested, tightly integrated patient and healthcare provider journey. This would be accomplished with a mock launch that would test the alignment of systems (technology), resources (people), and processes working together according to the pre-designed patient and healthcare provider journey.

The pharma client had a hybrid patient services model with an internal nurse case management team and an external hub partner for reimbursement and payor-facing activities. Two Labs would also need to coordinate with the client’s other partners such as the copay/affordability provider, non-commercial pharmacy and specialty pharmacies in their patient and healthcare provider ecosystem.


Serving as the industry expert, the Two Labs patient services team mapped out the client’s end-to-end patient and healthcare provider journey. The journey scenarios included micro-level step-by-steps, multi-systems workflows and the integration of operations resources into the mock launch testing.

Two Labs led and coordinated the mock launch testing with the pharma client and its ecosystem’s partners. All system defects, issues, and improvement opportunities discovered during mock launch testing were captured throughout the entire testing period and prioritized for resolution and for future state improvements.

Two Labs’ extensive experience and expertise in patient services and knowledge around its ecosystem enabled us to work efficiently with all partners during mock launch. We reviewed the plan with ecosystem partners for planning purposes and readiness.


Two Labs delivered a detailed mock launch test plan, step-by-step testing scenario and workflows to our pharma client. Two Labs’ efforts ultimately meant the pharma client’s patient services program successfully went live upon FDA approval. By carefully planning and executing the mock launch testing with all patient service partners, Two Labs was able to proactively identify gaps and potential areas for improvement before the program’s launch. This ensured the client’s patient services program ran smoothly from systems integrations to operations support.

The pharma client even received positive feedback of the overall program design and solutions offered from key stakeholders.


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