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Commercial Launch

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Commercial Launch

Charting your path from clinical to commercial—and beyond

While working on FDA approval for your new product, it’s important to begin building a plan for how you will bring your drug or therapy to market. How will you distribute it? How will you ensure patients and physicians can access it and know how to use it? How will you monitor its performance on an ongoing basis and make adjustments as needed?

At  Two Labs, we have now supported over 280 new biopharma product launches. We know what it takes to solve these challenging questions with proven expertise, an experienced team of industry veterans, and ongoing white-glove support and service—making it easy on you and your team to focus on what you do best: improving patients’ lives.

Featured Services

Product Launch

Having supported over 280 launches, our team has the expertise and experience needed to manage the complex commercialization process from where you are to where you want to go, avoiding costly and time-consuming missteps while supporting the market success of your product.

Trade Management

From launch planning through execution and operationalizing, we partner with you to continuously monitor and manage key trade management strategies critical to your product’s commercial success.

Specialty Channel Strategy and Implementation

With specialty products, we help you make the right decisions around your channel strategy, including selecting the right 3PL partner, speciality distributors, and specialty pharmacy partners.

Wholesale/Retail Channel Strategy and Implementation

We help you optimize your retail product journey with our detailed channel strategy and implementation services, including distribution strategy, data integration, and gross to net financial modeling.

Patient Services and Implementation

We provide a comprehensive scope of patient support services to help you design and implement a best-in-class patient program and execute a post-launch assessment to ensure customer satisfaction and program optimization.

Post-Launch Optimization

Even the most comprehensive and sophisticated commercialization strategies need to evolve in response to fluctuating market dynamics. That's why our team provides robust post-launch audits to analyze critical workstreams across Patient Services, Compendia, Trade & Distribution, and EHRx.

Meet Your Team of Experts

Our experts are the reason 90% of our clients would recommend Two Labs to a colleague.

Angie Hoyt

Senior Vice President, Commercialization

Angela is responsible for the overall management of the Commercial Team within Two Labs. Angie believes in a patient-centric approach to every client relationship. With over 280 new product launches, including retail and specialty, her team is committed to helping clients find the path from clinical development to commercialization in order to help patients lead a better life.

Kim Cline

Senior Vice President, Commercialization Strategy & Business Development

Kim’s proactive approach helps commercializing pharma companies prepare for challenges they may face along the commercialization timeline. Having worked on more than 60 specialty drug launches during her tenure, Kim helps companies understand their commercialization needs and collaborates with them on a customized approach aimed at meeting goals and producing results.

Jen Moran

Senior Principal President, Commercial Launch

Paul Battaglia

Vice President, Patient Support Services

Jessica Randolph

Vice President, Client Services

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Case Study: Mock Launch Support

A pharma client came to Two Labs for patient services mock launch testing prior to their first product commercialization in the U.S. market. Here’s how we helped ensure their patient services program successfully went live upon FDA approval.

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We’re here to support your success from clinical to commercial – and beyond.

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