Commercial Solutions for
Pharma Manufacturers

Two Labs partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver customized commercial solutions to help bring their products to market and maintain compliance across the product lifecycle through industry expertise, integration, and strategic implementation.

Pharmaceutical consulting services

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Two Labs has supported the launch of 75% of products in the emerging biopharma market. This gives us an understanding of the landscape that is both broad and deep, enabling us to build and execute launch plans that are integrated, thorough, and efficient. 

Emerging pharma is a complex world, but Two Labs’ experience, commitment, and connections make us the ideal problem-solving partner that can take your launch plan from an idea to a perfectly executed strategy.


Benefit from deep expertise and hands-on support throughout your drug's lifecycle

Medical Affairs & Communications

Historically, the only medical affairs & communications solutions available on the market were built to serve large pharma – until now. Two Labs’ Medical Affairs & Communications provides vital publication support, strategy, and scientific services to help small and emerging biopharma and biotech connect with healthcare providers, patients, payers, and investors.

Positioning your drug well in the market starts with getting the language right early in the development process. We build a plan that is centered around consistent messaging from the get-go.

You don’t need to focus energy on making sure there is harmony between the many moving parts. We promise that your Medical Affairs & Communications services will be fully integrated with the rest of your launch plan. One strategy, tailor-made for you.

From early development to product launch and beyond, we’ll reach your target healthcare providers, patients, payers, and investors with the information they need to know about your drug so that it’s top of mind for prescribing and vetted for covering

Drive efficiency and quality with doDOC’s real-time document collaboration tools.

Strategic Consulting (CEEK)

Our deep bench of experts is able to anticipate your launch plan needs and jump into the trenches with you to guide the project in real-time so you never miss a deadline and can avoid preventable losses. From clinical development to medical affairs to corporate development, we are here to be the practical, integrated, and interconnected solution your product needs to launch.

You have a product and a vision but need help building the business that will bring your launch to life. We have the insight to design your financial model, investment strategy, brand plan, and commercialization path.

Ensuring prescriber visibility starts with defining your message as early as clinical development. From early phase evidence generation or strategic publication planning, we can help build the medical affairs strategy that will carry your product to launch and beyond. 

Our team can develop the program framework and dedicated project managers to augment your team or step in to efficiently execute on the most pressing needs, whether you need support with an R&D program, an enterprise project, or portfolio planning.

As you grow, it’s essential to keep an eye on the big picture while staying focused on the launch plan. We can help manage and train your team and optimize your cross-functional service delivery so that you can keep all your goals on track.

Scaling your operations and shifting your priorities are important milestones in any company’s growth, and there’s no need for them to be intimidating. From analyzing finances and commercial potential to improving operations, we will step in to help drive the growth you’re going for.

From trial design and execution to enrollment planning with a patient-focused approach, we will support, or even manage, your R&D as you work to translate your innovative science for clinical practice. 

Commercial Launch

Our experience launching more than 280 drugs for emerging biopharma manufacturers means we know that the path to commercialization is anything but simple. But we’ve found success through our integrated approach, seamlessly weaving together everything your product needs for a successful launch.

Our team has supported over 280 product launches, giving them the expertise and experience needed to manage the complex commercialization process.

From DSCSA compliance to data management, we help make sure your product is efficiently moving through the supply chain so that it can meet the needs of your patient base.

Orphan drugs, cell and gene therapies and other specialty products tend to have more complexity than retail launches. In addition to our team of specialized experts, we also offer our partners several additional services, such as pharmacy network selection, therapy management program design, data recommendations, and more.

Distribution, vendor onboarding, data integration, financial modeling, and trade marketing are critical steps to making sure your product is ready for market. Two Labs will help you develop your wholesale retail distribution strategy and manage every element of your execution.

From transportation to payment programs, our Patient Services team will remove your patients’ barriers to access by helping select and manage your suppliers.

Even the most comprehensive and sophisticated commercialization strategies need to evolve in response to fluctuating market dynamics. That’s why our team provides robust post-launch audits to analyze critical workstreams across Patient Services, Compendia, Trade & Distribution, and EHRx.


We’ve spent years helping pharma manufacturers of all sizes meet the individual requirements of different states, mapping out a strategy that ensures your product has a smooth journey through its various regulatory steps.

Did you know that each of the 50 states has its own licensing requirements for transporting or dispensing drugs? Our experience navigating these and connections within each state will keep your strategy on track and help you avoid fees or lost sales.

The regulatory world of Rx drug price reporting is varied and always shifting. Each state has imposed its own independent reporting requirements, but Two Labs’ dedicated team monitors legislation and maintains your compliance.  

Compendia is so much more than a price book. From strategic submissions to competitive differentiation and data auditing, Two Labs’ Compendia team is experienced with negotiating new designations to place your drug correctly the first time.

If a healthcare provider can’t find your drug in the electronic health record, they can’t prescribe it. With so many EHRs and all of them updating at different times, you need a partner who is fluent in working with them so that your drug can achieve HCP visibility as quickly as possible.

Accordion As the HCP/HCO spend transparency landscape grows in scale and complexity, so do the reporting requirements for your organization. Our team supports manufacturers by gathering expenses, aggregating and remediating data, and preparing and submitting reports within required timeframes to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.


Our Riparian division is a fully integrated professional services firm providing consulting services, managed services, and software solutions to the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry. We empower our clients by delivering innovative solutions that provide efficiency, clarity, and accelerated insights around the government pricing, contracting, and transparency issues that matter to you.

The 0 to 60 Guidebook

After 280+ launches, learn how Two Labs helps emerging manufacturers drive success throughout every step of the commercial journey


If you’re looking for impactful best practices or thoughtful analyses on where the biopharma industry is headed, this is the place for you.

Expertise that spans the product lifecycle


The pharma commercialization journey begins long before a new drug actually hits the market. After all, successfully releasing a new drug requires that you have a thorough understanding of the market and of the competition. It’s the only way to position your product for optimal results.


Phase I

If your new treatment has been approved to move on to human trials, you’re in a great position to begin ramping up your efforts. This should also include a commitment to developing your go to market strategy. However, at this point, most manufacturers are heavily focused on the trials themselves. After all, if the trials aren’t a success, there will be no new drug to release to the market.


Phase I

Phase II

Once you’ve moved into Phase II, the likelihood that your drug will be approved begins to increase substantially. Because of this, it’s a vital time to start investing resources in your go to market strategy. Hence, at Phase II we begin to dig deeper into our research, focusing on what’s going to be needed to launch and sell the new drug, as well as beginning to plan pricing and market access strategies.

Phase II

Phase III

The majority of drugs that enter Phase III end up getting approved by the FDA. While final approval might still be some time away, the near-certainty of approval warrants manufacturers at Phase III to begin completing the legwork needed to bring a drug to the market. On top of additional Market Access and Market Intelligence initiatives, you also need to begin the long list of Commercialization activities that need completed.

Phase III


Once you’ve received FDA approval and you’re ready to launch your drug, there’s a lot of work to be done still, including keeping tabs on the competition and market landscape, making sure your drug is visible in EHR platforms, and continuing to track and integrate your data. Of course, there’s also a lot of legwork involved in managing your inventory, implementing patient support strategies, and being quick on your feet to identify and resolve issues quickly as they arise.



As with any product that’s selling on the market, the management of a new drug is hardly complete once it launches. From continuing to learn about new developments in the market to quickly resolving issues that arise, there are plenty of things to keep manufacturers busy with their new treatments. It’s also vital that you stay on top of any new legal developments so that you don’t risk losing any of your state licenses.


Loss of Exclusivity Planning

Once a drug’s patent has expired, it does not mean the end of its profitability. After all, there are a number of strategies – from maintaining brand equity to launching your own generic alternative – that could still lead to a significant amount of revenue.

That said, doing so requires a good amount of insight and planning, including surveying the market and completing competitive simulations.

Loss of Exclusivity Planning


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