Why Order Sets are a Key Part of the Prescriber Journey

Why Order Sets Are a Key Part of the Prescriber Journey

In its simplest form, an order set is like a decision tree for healthcare providers. At the top of the tree are the diagnostics and tests, and based on the results and disease state, physicians can follow specific branches of treatment that best match the patient’s needs, including scans, care procedures, and drugs.

Order sets are created based on consensus from each healthcare system’s physicians. Any tests, procedures, and drugs included in the order sets become the “standard” treatment unless a physician deems there’s a better alternative for a specific patient.

Order sets are all about efficiency, consistency, and quality of treatment. They help physicians move fast and make accurate decisions without missing any critical components of care. Because of this, they are most commonly used in oncology and with other complex disease states, as well as with disease states with complex treatment administration.

Why should manufacturers care about order sets?

Any component of care in an order set becomes the standard treatment for its specific disease state at that healthcare system. If a manufacturer has created a drug that’s incredibly effective for its disease state, it’s important to get that drug included in its corresponding order set as the default therapy.

Often, the healthcare systems are conducting their own research, pulling labeling, and doing a lot of leg work to figure out which drugs to select and where to put them in the order set. That’s a lot of effort put on the customer. Instead, manufacturers should remove the burden from physicians and make it as easy as possible for healthcare systems to place their drugs into treatment plans.

To do this, manufacturers must create guides that can be handed over to the admin to streamline the process. Not only does this simplify the process for healthcare systems, it also ensures the correct details and interpretation are included.

Order sets are strategically important for manufacturers, but there’s a catch: order sets can be incredibly complex and there are many technical steps required to create or alter them. It’s important to have an expert partner to help navigate the process.

That’s where Two Labs comes in. Our team is stacked with EHR experts with decades of experience navigating these systems, as well as experts who have built these order sets while working within a healthcare system. If you want a partner that takes a proactive approach to getting your drug into the hands of the people who need it most, let’s talk.

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