Where do your Sales Reps turn when they have EHR issues?

Electronic prescribing allows healthcare providers to manage prescriptions electronically, making prescriptions safe, convenient and fast (SureScripts).

But what if there’s an issue with your new product launch?

Let’s say your new drug cannot be found on the EHR platform. Or your product prescribing data is not included in the listing. Considering the actual “launch” of your new product is the most critical moment in its lifecycle, these issues can debilitate the success of your new product right from the start.

So if you are a sales leader of a pharmaceutical organization, where do your sales reps turn when they encounter this debilitating issue in the EHR or ePrescribing platform?

Methods of communication

Typically, we see clients handling these issues through what we call the “traditional” communication method, which looks like a game of telephone:

EHR issues graphic

The method could take weeks if not months to resolve – if it’s resolved at all – creating a domino effect of issues for your sales reps and the new product launch:

EHR - domino of badness

The result = lost sales to the pharma manufacturer

What other options do sales leaders have to address the issue?

Although not effective, if sales leaders decide against the traditional method of communications, we see them either ignore the problem or let the sales rep navigate the EHR issues on their own.

But we want sales leaders to take action. At Two Labs, our eRx Solutions team developed an iOS app to act as the new method of communication, allowing clients to:

  1. Quantify the size of any EHR / ePrescribing issue in the field
  2. Report issues with the Health Care Provider to one of our eRx Specialists
  3. Focus on their clinical message, not an EHR / ePrescribing issue

The result = our client’s product is available to prescribers in the EHR 

Since 2012, we helped resolve over 4,000 EHR and ePrescribing issues with 91% of those issues being resolved within 2 business days!

Request a free consultation with an eRx Solutions team member at Two Labs to find out how your salesforce can triage and resolve EHR / ePrescribing issues in less two days!

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