Webinar Recap: State of Patient Services Programs Serving Biopharma

If you haven’t already heard, Two Labs is talking a lot about patient services this year.

After spending six months on an objective study to assess the key attributes of patient services programs – and identify the companies that are excelling at this! – we shared our exclusive report earlier this year at Asembia, and again in a webinar.

We don’t just believe it; we know that patient services is an instrumental focus area for reducing provider and patient friction in drug access. But don’t just take it from us. In the words of a pharmacy benefit manager who participated in our study:

When it comes to choosing one similar product over another, whether or not they have a good HUB service makes about 75-80% of the decision for the doctor.

With the industry changing so rapidly – along with patient expectations and prescriber priorities – we felt there was an unmet need to shine a light on programs that are leading the way. Transactional features are now table stakes, and going above and beyond with patient services is how you can help differentiate your product.

What does this differentiation look like?

Our study compared more than 20 similar oral oncology therapies on four key dimensions:

Consumer Needs

defined by attributes of Patient Services and Provider Services


defined by attributes of Ease of Use and Technology


defined by attributes of Quality and Customer Experience


defined by attributes of Awareness and Advocacy

What did we find?

Consumer Needs

  • Gavreto
  • Xospata


  • Ayvakit
  • Vonjo


  • Xpovio
  • Tibsovo


  • Pemazyre
  • Qinlock

Dive into the why behind the selection of the winners in our webinar, which is now available for on-demand replay.

The critical takeaway comes down to ease of access – making sure all the information you have to offer is not only easy to find, but also easy to understand.

In reviewing the data, it became evident that what was once considered a ‘nice to have’ is now necessary and expected. And this isn’t just for manufacturers who are building a patient services program from the ground up. For those with established HUBs, it’s important to go further and understand the voice of the patient and prescriber and infuse those learnings into how you reach out to them.

Watch the 40-minute, on-demand webinar for more information on the report methodology, key attributes, leader qualifications and more.

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