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Leveraging Order Sets/Treatment Protocols and Patient Reporting Guides

Discover new ways to maximize the utilization of your drug

Leveraging Order Sets and Patient Reporting Guides

The Two Labs EHRx Solutions team hosted a live webinar to discuss two important post-launch deliverables:

  • Order Sets/Treatment Protocols: Order Sets, also known as Treatment Protocols in Oncology, are required by health systems to be loaded into the EHR before a complex therapy is dispensed. It is a roadmap for a specific therapy or drug that offers guidance on diagnosing and the associated interdependencies to maximize clinical efficacy and patient safety.

  • Patient Reporting Guides: Once a prescriber believes in the efficacy and safety profile of a drug, identifying the ideal patient is the next step of their journey. However, prescribers and their staff often lack the technical skills to identify appropriate patients with their EHR systems. These guides will empower target providers at the local level and include step-by-step instructions on running complex EHR searches.

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