Virtual Player Panels and
Advisory Boards

As the global landscape continues to change with daily COVID-19 developments, it’s vital that manufacturers remain adaptable. Which is why Two Labs is offering innovative ways of doing competitive simulations and seminars, virtual payer panels, and interactive client meetings.

Our Market Access team is here to arrange virtual panel discussions, giving your team the chance to discuss challenges and opportunities your treatment may face when it enters the US or Global markets.

Our Virtual Payer Panels and Advisory Board Meetings are conducted to achieve quality primary research

With Virtual Payer Panels and Advisory Boards, our offering can inform:

Value Proposition Assessment: Deep dive into a product’s value proposition with our panels to discuss whether the messaging would adequately move payers towards a willingness to reimburse.

Data Gap Analysis: While the value proposition might resonate with payers, we can determine what additional data can drive value and access.

Payer Willingness to Reimburse Review: A payer’s willingness to reimburse goes beyond your value proposition – it involves a significant number of factors, from the current access constraints around treatments to the competitive landscape. That’s why we take a broad view of payers’ willingness to reimburse to ensure all components of a product’s value story are optimized.

Access and Price Potential: We can gain insights into a payer’s access controls at various price points and/or product positioning in the treatment paradigm.

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Payer concerns over increasing cost of therapies and uncertainty of clinical data have led to a growing interest in market access tools. These tools have many names and definitions, often referred to as innovative (IAA) or alternative access agreements (AAA).