Two Labs’ New Medical Communications Service was Built with Emerging Pharma in Mind

Strategic Medical Affairs & Communications

Given the complexities that an emerging manufacturer is managing when developing a new product for launch, it might sound like medical communications is just one more thing on the list. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is especially true for products with novel products with complex science, like cell and gene therapies.

Strategic Medical Affairs & Communications is about delivering the right scientific data at the right time to the right audience. It can be a heavy lift, especially for emerging pharma manufacturers who haven’t traditionally had access to the kind of Medical Communications support that large pharma has had.

Until now, the Medical Affairs & Communications solutions available on the market were built to serve large pharma. Like everything we do, when we launched our new Medical Affairs & Communications service, we kept emerging pharma in mind.

“When we looked at what our clients needed, we heard over and over that the Medical Affairs and Communications services offered to them just weren’t at the right size or speed for a small, emerging company,” said Howard Miller, Two Labs CEO. “Working with these companies is what Two Labs thrives on, so we saw an immense opportunity to provide our clients with even more value.”

Two Labs’ Medical Affairs & Communications is led by General Manager Kimberly Cash. Kimberly has directed medical affairs developments at small to large pharmaceutical companies for over 15 years. She understands the unique challenges of BioTech/BioPharma through her experience leading several successful multi-faceted product launches in the BioTech/BioPharma space. Kimberly holds board certification as a medical affairs specialist (BCMAS) and has passed the certification exam for medical publication professionals (CMPP).

“The goal in building this new service is to tailor every single piece to emerging and small pharma,” Kimberly said. “My experience in working across the spectrum from small to large pharma has taught me that emerging and small companies have unique needs that cannot be met with the same strategies that are built to serve established and large companies. Two Labs’ Medical Affairs & Communications is built to meet these companies where they are and then scale with them as they grow.”

As a collaborative and caring member of your team, we deliver the personalized, catered level of service you might expect from a small consulting firm, but with the impactful experience and resources to bring your vision to fruition and change patient lives.

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