Two Labs Joins GS1 Healthcare US Initiative

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Two Labs Joins GS1 Healthcare US Initiative

Two Labs is a new member of the GS1 Healthcare US Initiative and will be joining the Rx Supply Chain Security Workgroup (RxSSC) in 2020.

The GS1 Healthcare US Initiative includes over 140 healthcare manufacturers, distributors, providers, dispenser pharmacies, group purchasing organizations, government agencies and industry associations who are working together to help address challenges where GS1 Standards can have an impact. These areas include safer patient care, improving operational efficiency and enhancing data quality.

The RxSSC workgroup collaborates across a diverse mix of these industry experts, preparing to meet the interoperability requirements of item-level serialization defined in the DSCSA. This group has been responsible for developing implementation guidelines, industry studies and publications to assist the industry in meeting DSCSA requirements.

Michael Rowe

Our DSCSA Compliance Expert, Michael Rowe, will be the primary Two Labs representative, re-joining the workgroup after previously participating during his time at Cardinal Health.

“I’m excited to come back together again with GS1 US to work through industry challenges in meeting the DSCSA requirements, but also take  best practices and learnings from the group back to our clients,” said Michael.  “The next 3 years [to meet 2023 milestones] will require intense collaboration amongst trading partners and it is critical that Two Labs stay on the forefront to properly advise and support our clients.”

We’re eager to be part of this dynamic group to represent the interests and needs of our clients, but also to contribute our expertise to improve the overall safety and efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Two Labs’ industry expertise offers a menu of serialization-related services to make sure you are ready (and compliant) for each DSCSA milestone along the way. To learn more about our DSCSA Compliance Services, please contact Michael Rowe at

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