Two Labs - Rare Disease Day 2019

Two Labs Joins Global Celebration of Rare Disease Day

Since 2008, Rare Disease Day has been on the last day of February – which every four years is a rare 29th of the month. The observance was created to drive awareness of the 6,000 existing rare diseases that affect 1 in every 20 of us.

As a way of demonstrating our support, we joined in on Rare Disease Day’s face-painting event at our offices, along with donations to Rare Disease Day and the National Organization for Rare Disorders to help further their amazing work. Check out some photos from the event and join in to #ShowYourRare on social media! We’d also encourage you to check out some of the inspiring testimonials on Rare Disease Day’s website.

This year, the theme is “Bridging health and social care,” which is something that is extremely meaningful to us at Two Labs. In recent years, we’ve become increasingly involved in specialty pharma launches across the globe and we’ve seen how much support and assistance is needed by those suffering from rare diseases. While the innovation and progress in specialty are very impressive, we can’t forget what our work is really about – improving people’s lives.