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Two Labs Joins Global Celebration of Rare Disease Day

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Since 2008, Rare Disease Day has been on the last day of February – which every four years is a rare 29th of the month. The observance was created to drive awareness of the 6,000 existing rare diseases that affect 1 in every 20 of us. As a way of demonstrating our support, we joined in on Rare Disease Day’s face-painting event at our offices, along with donations [...]

Orphan Diseases Open Opportunity for Pharma, Biotech Drug Developers

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Orphan Diseases Attract Increasing Attention Across the Board As patents expire and generic competition increases, more drug companies are investing in the development of therapeutics for orphan diseases. Although the pool of patients for an orphan disease is small, the economic potential of an expensive biologic administered over the lifetime of a limited number of patients presents an attractive commercial opportunity that is a savvy alternative to the en [...]

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