What is Compendia’s Impact on Product Decision Making?

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What is Compendia’s Impact on Product Decision Making? What is “The Compendia”? Most often, people describe the organizations that make up the Compendia as price books – and that’s understandable. After all, most of the submissions a manufacturer makes to Compendia involves price increases throughout the product launch year until they maintain price on a regular basis. And yes, pricing is absolutely a key part of what they do, however, [...]

Why Compendia is More Than Just a Price Book

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In the pharmaceutical industry, a "Price Book" is often synonymous with Compendia data. Even though physical publications were discontinued more than 15 years ago, people in the industry still use the term "Price Book." As somebody who has worked in the Compendia industry for more than 20 years, the continued use of this outdated term demonstrates that those in the pharma industry are missing the clinical importance of Compendia data. Don't get me [...]

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