Failure to Launch: Five key reasons that biosimilars have failed to gain traction in the US market

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Although biosimilars have taken off in Europe, they have yet to gain significant traction in the United States. More than thirty biosimilars have been approved and twenty-six are marketed in Europe. In the US, there are only eleven biosimilars approved with only five marketed: Zarxio, Fulphila, Retacrit, Renflexis, and Inflectra. Read the full report by downloading this paper. Download White Paper

Molecular Testing in Trouble from Medicare. Who’s on First?

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Only a Bureaucracy as Inefficient and Unwieldy as Medicare Could Create a Mess This Bad and Then Walk Away Whistling, Hands in Pockets I’m referring to Medicare’s decision to stop paying bills for molecular testing and other diagnostic tests that are transforming the way many life-threatening diseases are being treated.  This is a decision affecting hundreds of labs, including labs performing proprietary tests that target treatments for cancer patients [...]

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