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Creating harmony between science and business

MSLs leverage critical real-world insight and a unique scientific approach to unite your team around the right messaging while optimizing your drug’s potential and protecting against threats like FDA non-compliance. 

As the stakes continue to rise in an ever-evolving market, you need the best possible representation of your company and your therapy. The best MSLs optimize every interaction with physicians and KOLs and minimize messaging variables that get in the way of your sales team’s success – in-person and virtually.

But attracting effective MSL talent that fits your company’s scientific and business needs – while avoiding clinical non-compliance and inconsistent messaging that can significantly stunt both commercialization and effective post-launch management – is a complex process. Therapies continue to become more specialized, meaning true subject-matter expertise within your disease state can be difficult to find, train, and manage. 

How we can help with your MSL team

Our team augments your Medical Affairs personnel while scouting, integrating, training, and coaching effective MSL talent.


We employ a customized deployment approach for every step of the process, providing a successful MSL infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.


Our six-step process ensures you get an MSL team with a deep understanding of your therapy and the clinical landscape, with business acumen that keeps it all running smoothly.


From gathering and leveraging competitive intelligence to helping develop quality materials and presentations, our MSL experts empower your team to provide the best representation of your company and your therapy.


Our experience and expertise sets your MSL team up for success and provides ongoing coaching to develop, recognize, and reward talent that produces results.

Our experience building world-class MSL teams

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25 years of industry experience and insight enables us to deliver superb MSL functions and capabilities.

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We’ve hired and launched over 150 medical teams consisting of more than 1,000 staff and leadership positions – we know greatness when we see it.

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Our high-functioning team is constantly adapting and customizing tools and resources for an ever-changing market.

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Deep understanding of the market and close relationships with key stakeholders across the Medical Affairs industry makes our network truly unique.

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We pride ourselves on our MSL team’s ability to deliver on commitments and surpass expectations.

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Our team provides rapid deployment and responsive support from successful Clinical and MSL Teams.

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