3rd Edition

Oncology MSL Benchmarking Report

A Two Labs Report on the Competitive MSL Landscape and the Evolving MSL Engagement Paradigm

Building on the 2020 and 2021 surveys, the goal of this benchmarking study is to provide Medical Affairs Leaders with actionable insights across the following topics and countries to improve field-based engagement

Drivers of Oncologists' MSL satisfaction

Competitive MSL performance

Evolving engagement paradigm

Country specific analyses across 9 key markets:

Oncologists are asked to rank MSL performance and provide feedback across various criteria, with the intent to identify company specific opportunities for improvement

MSL Performance
  • MSL understanding of clinical practice, patient populations, and treatment decision making 
  • Ability to engage in scientific exchange (communication / presentation)
  • Knowledge of recent data and clinical trends
  • Availability / responsiveness / reliability 
  • Ability to support the needs of researchers 
  • Proactive provision of data that is aligned to areas of interest 
  • Willingness to recommend a MSL to a colleague
Prioritized Oncologist Areas of Interest
  • Recent clinical trial data
  • Updates about drugs in development (pipeline)
  • Information about products that are available (efficacy, safety, etc.)
  • Opportunities to refer patients to nearby centers running clinical trials
  • Information related to investigator-initiated trials
  • Discuss specific patient cases
  • Discuss how different products compare
  • Local data about the disease (statistics, trends, outcomes, etc.)

Oncologists provide country specific insight into evolving engagement preferences

Field Engagement
  • Preferred engagement method
  • Preferred engagement frequency
  • Perspectives on visual aids
  • Ability to conduct virtual scientific exchange
  • How to initiate ‘new’ relationships

This comprehensive survey provides a global perspective on the state of the oncology MSL market packaged into 9 separate country reports, a global report, and an easy to use data file for additional analysis—offering tremendous value to Medical Affairs Leadership.

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