Market Access

US and Global Pricing Strategy

Maximize your product’s revenue

  • Access Adjusted Revenue Modeling
  • Launch Pricing
  • Country Launch Sequencing
  • Access Adjusted Physician/Patient Demand Modeling
  • Managed Entry Agreement and Payment Model Design

When choosing or negotiating a new drug price, there are a number of variables to consider

It’s not just a matter of figuring out how much payers are willing to reimburse, but also how higher prices lead to more restrictions, which affect physicians’ willingness to prescribe.

But where, exactly, are those thresholds? How do you make sure you’re taking everything into account when developing your price and market access strategy, so you aren’t surprised by unforeseen variables?

That’s what we’re here to help with.

How We Can Help

At Two Labs, our Market Access Team takes combined payer, physician and patient qualitative and quantitative research to determine the optimal launch price for a new drug. Our modeling allows us to generate multiple pricing strategies to identify pricing thresholds and risk and requirements for each pricing strategy, which we can do for every country you’re planning to launch in.

Depending on the level of risk in the plan, we might also recommend further Value Message Development and Testing to ensure payers understand the worth of your new product. We also often complete a Market Access Landscape Assessment to get a full picture of competitor pricing.

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