Market Access

US and Global Payer Panel and Advisory Board

Understand the pricing and market access potential for your treatment

  • Value Proposition Assessment
  • Data Gap Analysis
  • Payer Willingness to Reimburse Review
  • Access and Price Potential Enhancement Recommendations

Coming to a complete, exhaustive understanding of how a new treatment will be viewed in the market can be highly complex. While secondary research can be useful, nothing is as beneficial as first-hand insights from those closest to the market, including Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and government policy makers.

Of course, the current state of a Market Access Landscape can vary greatly by country, which is why you don’t only need to understand one market, but potentially many.

How We Can Help

At Two Labs, our Market Access team arranges focus groups and advisory boards to come together to discuss the particular challenges and opportunities your treatment will be facing when it comes to market.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide insight in the following areas:

Value Proposition Assessment: One of the key elements of any comprehensive Market Access strategy is Payer Value Message Development and Testing. We’ll review this proposition with our panels to discuss whether the messaging would adequately move payers towards a willingness to reimburse.

Data Gap Analysis: Any value proposition must come with a sufficient amount of evidence to support it. Hence, while the proposition might resonate, we’ll take care to make sure there’s adequate data to support your claims.

Payer Willingness to Reimburse Review: A payer’s willingness to reimburse goes beyond your value proposition – it involves a significant amount of factors, from the current governmental concerns around treatments to the competition. That’s why we take a broad view of payers’ willingness to reimburse to ensure everything has been considered.

Access and Price Potential Enhancement Recommendations: Once we have obtained and consolidated all of the insight around your treatment, including the various challenges and opportunities, we will provide recommendations around how we can improve your treatment’s acceptance on the market.

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