Market Access

US and Global Market Access Landscape

Optimize your clinical and commercial strategy by understanding the shifting pharma market access landscape

  • Landscape Assessment and Reimbursement Analysis
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Funding Assessment
  • Payer Segmentation and Value Driver Identification

The pharma landscape is as complicated as ever

This means bringing new products to market is a risky, challenging proposition. Identifying opportunities and developing accurate forecasts and viable strategies require a deep understanding of the entire landscape, including competitive dynamics, evolving payer environment, patient advocacy group involvement and perceived unmet needs.

How We Can Help

We partner with manufacturers to identify the future opportunities of new treatments, including requirements and risks to achieve commercial success. We also help prepare management presentations and provide additional ad-hoc advice and support on follow-up questions and requests from the team to help simplify pipeline decisions.

Generally, our market access landscape projects are broken down accordingly:

Landscape Assessment: We begin by conducting secondary research to identify price, HTA assessments, funding and market access of products in the relevant disease state.

Pipeline and Competitive Landscape Profiling: We will review late stage pipeline for competing products expecting to launch.

Hypotheses Developments: We leverage internal expertise, prior experience and secondary research to develop hypotheses on the opportunities and hurdles for clients’ products.

TPP and Evidence Requirement Testing: We conduct primary research with payers and KOLs in US and EU5 to identify expected changes in the market and data/evidence thresholds for new entrants to succeed.

Pricing and Access Assumption Inputs: We refine assumptions by market for forecasting.

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