Market Access

Payer Segmentation, Contracting, and Plan by plan analysis

Develop a sophisticated managed care plan for your product

  • Analogue Assessment
  • Payer Profiling
  • Plan by Plan Analysis and Strategy
  • Forecasting and Tracking
  • On-Going, Ad-Hoc Support

In today’s competitive landscape, a one-size-fits-all approach to your market access strategy is inadequate for maximizing revenue and patient access. Instead, manufacturers need a granular plan that’s customized to each payer.

How We Can Help

Analogue Assessment: We help manufacturers understand historical pricing and access outcomes by plan for similar disease areas/situations.

Payer Profiling: We review the top 10 health plan and PBM accounts, highlighting level of control, review timing and impact on market share.

Qualitative Research: We perform in-depth interviews with payers and internal stakeholders to pressure test the assumptions from the payer profiling.

Plan by Plan: We analyze and forecast the top 30 payer accounts, including contracting recommendations.

We also often complete Landscape Assessments in conjunction with our payer segmentation projects and perform on-going, ad-hoc support for future contracting strategy.

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