Market Access

Loss of Exclusivity Planning

Just as with launching a new product, managing a product’s LOE requires strategic planning and oversight

  • Training and Due Diligence
  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation

Beyond the approval and launch of a new product, there is no other time in a product’s lifecycle as precarious and challenging as loss of exclusivity (LOE). Without the proper planning and strategizing, it can mean the end of a product’s revenue stream as generics are brought to the market.

However, by gathering the proper insight and developing a comprehensive strategy, you can preserve brand equity and patient loyalty to your drug or maintain a revenue stream on the product, depending on your situation and goals.

How We Can Help

Generally, we help clients in three primary ways when managing LOE projects.

Training and Due Diligence: Our team of experts will share knowledge on LOE strategy and trends and guide you through identifying the market opportunities and challenges being faced.

Strategy Development: We identify the optimal strategic direction, which requires an exploration and evaluation of various opportunities.

Implementation: Our solutions fall into a number of categories, all of which our team support throughout the execution of the tactical plan. Based on your unique situation, we might recommend work in Compendia, Payer and Pricing Strategy, Competitive Simulations, and more.

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