Lifecycle Management

We find the right solutions to maximize your product’s value

The pharma industry presents many product lifecycle challenges and opportunities that Two Labs strategically plans for and addresses. We’ve collaborated with pharma manufacturers to provide lifecycle management for more than 60 products post launch.

Whether you’re faced with patent expiration, competing products or the need to improve patient access, we provide strategic Lifecycle Management tactics and partnerships for branded manufacturers. We help you plan how to maximize the value of your product by maintaining a portfolio of potential Lifecycle Management solutions.

Two Labs has an acute understanding of Lifecycle Management strategies and tactics along with analogs and case studies that provide credible examples of our successes. We fully vet our multiple solutions, working with all the key constituents such as product management, managed care and legal.

Our Lifecycle Management techniques generally address these areas:

  • Pricing and contracting strategies
  • Channel distribution strategies
  • Compendia strategies
  • Authorized Generic (AG) strategies

Unlike most consulting companies, Two Labs can actually implement the Lifecycle Management strategies with your organization. Our experience enables us to align the right techniques with the needs of the product and your organization.

Partner with us to create your pharma product’s path to success.