Market Intelligence

Launch Analog

Learn from the success and failures of past launches

  • Benchmark Competitors
  • Crystallize Strategies
  • Define Tactical Options
  • Construct Launch Scenarios
  • Evolve Contingency Plans
  • Build Team Consensus
  • Deliver Exceptional Analysis, Insights and Recommendations

Curious to know what made competitive drugs succeed or fail?

Wondering why others have been so successful at adoption and LCM?

Having doubts about the requisite budget & resources for (pre)launch?

At Two Labs, we help optimize your launch strategy by analyzing what worked and didn’t work for similar drugs and launch situations so you can properly develop a successful launch strategy.

How We Can Help

Utilizing best-practice methodologies, our high-impact programs are designed to:

  • Provide reconstruction of key activities of competitive launches for key learnings to be applied to future launches
  • Share unique insights into strategy, spend levels and critical pre-launch and launch activities that contributed to the success or failure of compound
  • Demonstrate “Best Practices” programs to help clients determine critical features for their launch plan
  • Access our existing library with extensive details on over 200 launches supplemented with extensive interviews to tailor the assessment to the client’s individual needs

Beyond our Launch Analogs, we also help our clients with Commercial Organization Benchmarking, which gives them a clear picture of the organization of their competition.

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