Market Intelligence

In-Licensing and Acquisition support

The expertise needed to drive successful in-licensing and acquisition

  • Landscape Assessment
  • KOL Feedback
  • Overall Market Potential
  • Forecasting

For over 25 years, our Market Intelligence team (formerly Pennside Partners) has been assisting leading pharmaceutical companies and investors to identify the most promising candidates for in-licensing and investment.

How We Can Help

Landscape Assessment
We assess the competitive landscape to help you fully understand the complexity and dynamics of the market for your potential acquisition by ensuring you are aware of all products in development and their potential launch timing.

KOL Feedback
Through our network of international key opinion leaders (KOLs), we will help you understand what the standard of care is today as well as how the market is evolving. Additionally, blinded product profiles can be shown to KOLs to gain their reactions to the specifics of the target acquisition, including strengths, weaknesses, differentiating factors, and likely patient types that would receive the treatment.

Market Potential
With a thorough examination of epidemiological data, we can help you understand the overall market potential for a specific indication. This, coupled with feedback from our KOLs, will provide an early indicator of the true market potential for your target acquisition.

Interviews with current high prescribers in the indication of interest can help you understand how practicing physicians will potentially use your target acquisition in their daily practice. This real world view can be used to assess the strengths, weaknesses, differentiating factors, and likely patient types generated by KOLs

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