Market Intelligence

Generic /Biosimilar Outlook Assessment

Identify and assess the development and commercialization of generics and biosimilars

  • Identification of Potential Generic and Biosimilar Entries
  • Scenarios Related to Anticipated and Most Likely Timing of Market Entry
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Generic / Biosimilar Launch Analogs

Whether your drug is going off-patent soon or you are developing a new agent, gaining insight into generics and biosimilars in development is critical.

Whether you’re looking to understand the likely timing and impact of generic entries on your drug and market share or you’re concerned about new generics in the same therapeutic area that might disrupt the market dynamics, we’re here to provide the data and market insight needed to move forward with confidence.

How We Can Help

At Two Labs, we partner with pharma companies to ensure they are making informed, strategic decisions around the commercialization and lifecycle management of their drugs. One of the most critical junctures for a drug’s lifecycle is when your drug faces loss of exclusivity, either via patent and exclusivity expiration or patent challenges.

When that happens, it’s vital that you gain a current understanding of the generics landscape. We’re here to help. We start with providing clients with a list of potential generic / biosimilar entries and their expected timing and market entry strategy.

We also identify and assess the development and commercialization of generics and biosimilars, including an analysis of any issues that could impact a generic’s likelihood of approval or Complete Response Letter. We have an extensive analog base of new commercial models including generic ecosystems mapping.

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