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Expecting EHR visibility without a proactive and reactive approach equates to lost sales

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  • Proactive Submissions
  • Reactive Roll-Out

Shorten data lags to HCPs and ensure patients receive your new treatment as quickly as possible

There are over 700 EHR systems today, each of which updates their systems with compendia data at their own frequency. Some update every month, while others do it every quarter or 6 months. So, if new drug data is submitted late and misses their updates, the drug won’t be visible to HCPs until their next development cycle.

Ultimately, this can mean lost sales and missed opportunities for patients to receive new treatment options. 

How We Can Help with EHR Visibility

To make sure that you achieve HCP visibility as quickly as possible, we take a two-pronged approach:

1) We’re proactive:

  1. With getting data submitted onto the EHR systems. Not every EHR platform will be relevant to your drug, and we have the insight to prioritize which are most important.
  2. Through our out-bound call program that identifies key EHR platforms and the individuals who are involved in the process, to build out sales leads for an effective office call.

2) After the drug is launched, we reactively support sales teams to alleviate issues if a physician can’t find the drug in their systems. We do this through our EHRx Solutions iOS / Windows compatible app. The app:

  1. Simplifies how sales representatives can assist prescribers or physicians right on the spot with resolving product listing and other EHR issues.
  2. Allows your sales reps to quickly submit an HCP issue that is sent back to our team to begin resolving, allowing the reps to continue focusing on clinical discussion.
  3. Provides additional guides and resources to navigate EHR dialogue within the HCP office, removing barriers to prescribing and, if possible, manually load products.

We also provide training and education to ensure your team is equipped to help resolve issues as quickly as possible. Ultimately, this helps ensure your New Product Launch is a success.

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