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Competitive Simulations

Your key to deeper competitor insight and a smarter business development strategy

  • Planning & Preparation
  • The Workshop
  • Post-Workshop

Has your company been blindsided by a competitor’s strategy?

Do you have an abundance of competitor information, yet are unable to glean sufficient actionable intelligence from the data?

Has your company developed a plan that won a short-term victory yet resulted in a longer-term defeat?

Are you facing an important marketplace event from a competitor’s product or your own product (such as a product entry, withdrawal, or patent expiration)?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then Competitive Simulations would be an excellent solution.

How We Can Help

Often called ‘War Games,’ our Competitive Simulations services will host strategy workshops that are crucial in developing effective strategies. 

Our team hosts these workshops with the client to design an action plan to make sure you are well prepared for a potential competitor response to any upcoming event.

Due to our role in the industry, we can provide unique, meaningful insights into competitor’s strategy, which goes way beyond the normal facilitation activities. 

Phase I: Planning & Preparation

This phase is designed to help the sponsor fully understand and clarify the purpose, goals, and benefits of the workshop.

Phase 2: The Workshop

In this phase we get the participants focused, keep them on track, and ensure they stay motivated and involved, thereby ensuring maximum input and valuable contributions.

Phase 3: Post-Workshop

In this phase, we manage the production of all outputs, including providing a strategic workshop report to all delegates, and a summary report to senior executives.

In addition, the sponsor is debriefed, the success of the workshop is communicated to others, and steps are taken to ensure the delivery of actions identified in the exercise, thereby achieving maximum value for the time invested.

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