An incorrect classification can mean a failed launch

  • Clinical & Strategic Product Submissions with predictive outcomes
  • Product Differentiation or Competitive Alignment
  • Compendia Account Management
  • Compendia Data Accuracy Audits

Many see compendia databases as just a pricebook, but they’re so much more.

Everyone from Payers, State and Federal Government Agencies, EHR’s & Specialty companies rely on compendia data for Classification, Clinical, Reimbursement and pricing information. Incorrect information will result in product issues for Prescribers, Dispensers, Distributors and most importantly reimbursement organizations such as Payers and Adjudicators.

Like many things in the commercialization process, it’s a detail that might seem small but can have a huge impact on product access and reimbursement. If you’re like most manufacturers, you’re far more concerned about FDA approval and licensing than you are compendia, which is why it’s something so easy to overlook.

To make matters more challenging, compendia companies won’t talk to or take meetings from pharma manufacturers. So if you make a mistake submitting your drug’s data, it’s going to be extremely difficult to resolve the matter. Before you know it, what seemed like a trivial matter and an insignificant oversight can cost you significant revenue by delaying HCPs’ ability to prescribe your new drug and for the pharmacies to adjudicate claims properly.

How We Can Help With Compendia

Altogether, there are three main things we bring to the table:

1) Clinical & Strategic Submissions

  1. We help you avoid data lags and improve post-launch HCP visibility by submitting your compendia data as soon as possible ensures that your product listing can be sent to EHR companies in time for your product launch. Having completed more than 170 successful product submissions, we have extensive experience helping pharma manufacturers complete their compendia data submission quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

2) Product Differentiation or Competitive Alignment

  1. We differentiate your product from the competition. If, for example, your competition is in a crowded space, we can analyze their classifications and develop a strategy that would differentiate your product listing. We have experience in launching many first in class products.
  2. If a products indications allow for it to be in a Protected Class, we determine the Therapeutic Classifications for 4 different organizations and provide strategic recommendations for product placement. This service is also applicable to Lifecycle Management initiatives as Compendia is critically important to LCM strategies.

3) Compendia Account Management & Data Audits

  1. We can keep compendia data accurate and up-to-date based on our connections and experience with compendia companies. This is critical because Compendia companies have a closed-door policy with manufacturers. If you have 20 – 200 or more NDC’s, it would benefit manufactures to know if all NDC’s have been loaded, pricing is current and product information is accurate across the Top Compendia organizations.

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