Third-Party Logistics

We ensure your product is commercially available on time

For more than a decade, Two Labs has provided pharma distribution coaching and guidance to virtually all third-party logistics providers. We offer a refined process that helps you select the right 3PL partner to skillfully manage your product shipment and financial cash application process for the manufacturer.

We differ from other consulting firms that seek to disintermediate the relationship between the manufacturer and the 3PL.

Two Labs integrates the client and the 3PL. Our proprietary tools help guide the choice of the right 3PL partner — and ensure you get a full picture of its capabilities, qualifications and cost. These tools include:

  • An internal audit to fully understand what each of your departments’ specific needs are
  • Development of an RFP
  • A site visit scorecard
  • A financial analysis model

We also assist in managing the relationship with your provider to ensure the distribution channel meets your product launch and trade needs — that your product is, and stays, commercially available to wholesalers, retailers, specialty distribution, specialty pharmacies and healthcare providers on time.

Partner with us to create your pharma product’s path to success.