Patient Services (HUB)

Get expert HUB services to assist with patient management

Two Labs also provides a comprehensive scope of patient support services — HUB services — to help pharma manufacturers with the program design, implementation and post-launch assessment. We collaborate with companies to design and implement programs geared toward healthcare providers, patients and caregivers. And we work with them to provide service offerings that help patients navigate the complex reimbursement and cost share burden many face.

Our HUB services provide expertise in:

  1. Program Design:
    • Discovery phase/Market Research
      • Benchmarking, focus groups, advisory boards, model design, third-party vendor selection, contract negotiation
  2. Program Implementation:
    • Development of the patient program
      • Liaison between selected HUB provider and Pharmaceutical company
      • Assist in the creation of process flows, standard operating procedures
      • Reporting design and technology requirements
      • Staffing model analysis and contingency planning
      • Training design and support
    • Development of third-party partnerships
      • Advocacy organization partnerships
      • Partnerships with various third-party independent 501(c) 3 organizations
  3. Program Post-Launch Assessment:
    • Measurement of success
      • Post-launch audits
      • Real time customer satisfaction surveys
    • Program modifications
      • Process flow, SOP and program re-design efforts

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