An incorrect classification can mean a failed launch

Two Labs makes certain your pharma product is optimally classified and accurately listed to major compendia databases for prescribing availability.

We maximize your compendia database value with more dosage form options than on FDA databases. This provides an opportunity for you to expand your product’s life, differentiate it on the market and open new therapeutic classes to avoid generics competition.

The Two Labs Compendia team offers more than 40 combined years of unparalleled compendia experience, including creating new therapeutic classes and alternative dosage forms. We develop a lifecycle management strategy for your product that includes essential compendia database updates to address new therapeutic classes, clinical data changes, price updates and optimized prescribing access.

We have completed more than 160 successful product submissions.

Our team ensures compendia listings are accurate and appropriately submitted at the optimal time for expedited data rollout for:

Product launch

  • Lifecycle management
  • Price change notifications
  • NDC transitions

Additionally, our Compendia process:

  • Provides competitor product overview
  • Determines if a product requires reclassification
  • Establishes product differentiation
  • Recommends a therapeutic class — or creates a new therapeutic class, if appropriate
  • Provides a structured key compendia-centric document
  • Provides a compendia data rollout timeline for optimal submission

Our Compendia capabilities

  • Price changes
  • Acquisitions and divestments (NDC transitions)
  • Obsolete notifications
  • Lifecycle management
  • Strategic submission
  • Clinical submission
  • E-prescribing submissions with Two Labs ePrescribing Solutions services
  • Ongoing compendia account management

Partner with us to create your pharma product’s path to success.