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Commercial Organization Benchmarking

Understand your competitors at a deeper level

  • Sales & Marketing Organization
  • Sales Priority / Call Position
  • HCP and HCP Office Key Messaging
  • Pending Changes

Gain the most from your benchmarking study with our key insights, complete with an action list and detailed recommendations

Want to know how many sales reps are selling the competitive drug? Or how those sales teams are organized? 

With our competitive benchmarking services, you can get answers to all of these questions – and much more – giving you the competitive insight you need to make strategic, confident decisions.

How We Can Help

Our commercial organization benchmarking deliverables include a thorough analysis spanning four key components:

Sales and Marketing Organization

Includes organizational chart depicting structure, including full-time equivalent employees and resourcing by asset and activity. Can include MSLs, Reimbursement Support, Nurse Educators and other field positions.

Sales Priority / Call Position

Establishes the sales priority and/or call position per field force line or unit.

HCP and HCP Office Key Messaging

Understanding key messaging of company in target market in terms of marketing, sales and reimbursement support activities.

Pending Changes

Includes feedback on any pending changes to company structure or resourcing.

Through our research, we can help clients understand the marketing and reimbursement teams for competitors and create or refine their own strategy. We can also help pharma companies get a better sense of the competitive landscape with our Clinical Landscape & Pipeline Analysis services.

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