Acquisition Transition

We expertly manage product acquisition and transitions

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly choosing to acquire existing products on the market. In these cases, the timeline for transitioning a product’s ownership and distributing existing inventory is short — often just 60 to 90 days.

Two Labs provides expert Product Transitions services for a phased switch that avoids the costly, time-consuming task of relabeling product inventory. It results in the product relaunching with its new owner’s label.

In our Product Transitions process:

  • We develop a comprehensive project plan of each step required to transition the product from the seller to the buyer. Often, we can complete the entire process in 60 to 90 days.
  • Our PharmaLicense services can assist with a state licensing gap analysis to identify the licensing needs for product transition, then develop strategy to help streamline the process and allow the product to come to market as quickly as possible. If the transition product is the client’s first product, we can develop state licensing “work arounds” that enable the new company to come to market immediately (vs. waiting nine to 12 months to obtain licensing).
  • We ensure the third-party logistics provider adds the transitioning product to its portfolio and provides on-time distribution.
  • We communicate with pharmaceutical wholesalers, retailers, specialty pharmacies and distributors about the product label phasing to a new label and the impact on its NDC number.
  • Our eRx Solutions services engage with the client to provide EHR product transition services.

Partner with us to create your pharma product’s path to success.