Post-Launch Optimization

Whether you’re an emerging manufacturer putting the finishing touches on a new product launch or a small to mid-sized company whose products are outgrowing the post-launch support infrastructure you have in place, Two Labs provides expert consultative services to ensure your product can keep pace with constantly changing market dynamics.

Additional indications, formulation changes, altered patient populations, and labeling changes are a few of the catalysts that can obsolete a current strategy. We look at patient services, compendia, trade and distribution, and EHRx workstreams to ensure that your post-launch operations can deliver and meet patients where they are.

Our expert analytics of the supply chain are backed by years of experience and relationship building in the industry, giving us the knowledge and the channels to resolve any issues that your product might encounter.

In our experience with over 250 drug launches, even the most comprehensive and scrutinized pre-launch strategies need to evolve due to fluctuating market dynamics.

Why Two Labs Post-Launch Optimization?

Manufacturers who engage our post-launch services experience improved service levels in wholesale, lower rates of returns thanks to active inventory management, and optimized fee-for-service contracts. Our people, processes, and technology get to work at working for you.

Why should Post-Launch be a priority?

This service was created in direct response to client needs. After assisting manufacturers with their NPLs, we were routinely asked if we could continue supporting their products post-launch, as there are currently no other options available aside from hiring a full-time post-launch manager, which is too costly for many of our emerging clients.

Wholesalers do not closely monitor working inventory levels to ensure product availability, meaning a retail pharmacy or hospital could place an order and end up with a lengthy delay if the product isn’t properly stocked. The risk is that a patient will lose access, switch medication, or forgo treatment altogether.

What’s included in our Post-Launch consulting services?

We take pride in tailoring our work to each unique client and product, but after years of experience in supporting products for the length of their life cycles, we’ve learned what goes into a reliable post-launch strategy.

  • Expert monitoring and analytics of wholesale inventory levels
  • Active engagement with 3PL and wholesale partners
  • Daily inventory and sales forecasts
  • Proactive intervention when out-of-stock scenarios are identified
  • Account management with a dedicated and experienced trade director who can advise on channel strategy and represent clients in 3PL negotiations.

Your Product Deserves Life-Long Strategic Support

You poured years of work into launching your product, and the patients you’re working for deserve a smooth process in accessing the product, even as market conditions change. Contact us today to talk about how we can work together to support your product in its post-launch life.

We’re here to support your success from clinical to commercial – and beyond.

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