Case Study: Post Launch Hub Optimization

Case Study: Post Launch Hub Optimization


A biopharma client wanted to assess their existing patient support program after seeing increased competitive pressure and a decline in market share. The current program involved outsourcing with an external partner for case management, reimbursement, payer-facing activities, co-pay/affordability services, and non-commercial pharmacy; as well as engaging a limited number of specialty pharmacies for commercial dispensing.

The client was experiencing a lack of insight into key program metrics, data trends and market activities from their external partner, which was impacting the program’s success. Adding to the urgency of the situation, the client also had plans to scale and knew they would need advanced data intel to successfully do so.

The client was also still dealing with the program’s transition to remote operations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictions in the prior year contributed to performance issues, delays, and other challenges.


To optimize their program performance, the client needed a deeper and broader understanding of the patient services space, as well as an objective evaluation of their program and data capabilities. Two Labs took a two-step approach that combined benchmarking of the market competition, as well as an assessment and gap analysis of current operational processes, performance, and reporting.

Components of the benchmarking included:

  • Identifying program interactions with specialty pharmacies, field reimbursement teams, and clinical educators

  • Identifying all enrollment channels and eligibility criteria associated with each service offering

  • Assessing the quality of the caller experience and performance when interacting with the program

Components of the internal assessment included:

  • Reviewing standard reports inclusive of contact center, program reports, and field-based reporting
  • Identifying gaps in data and key performance metrics
  • Reviewing typical patient journey from intake through product shipment

Two Labs also conducted interviews with several of the client’s internal stakeholders who had frequent interaction with the patient support program to gather insights on pain points and recurring trends.


Based on the benchmarking and internal assessment, Two Labs immediately identified gaps that could – and should – be filled in their post-launch management, and quantified what a better strategy should look like.

Our team provided a Post Launch Optimization plan that focused on improving reporting, processes, services, innovation, and tech enablement. As a result, the client decided to transition the execution of the patient support program to a new third-party partner to execute against Two Labs’ findings and recommendations. Two Labs helped to pinpoint the measurable objectives for this new post-launch hub partner to measure against, and provided recommendations for ensuring that this new partner could grow as our client scaled their business.


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