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Phase I

Developing a deeper understanding of the market

If your new treatment has been approved to move on to human trials, you’re in a great position to begin ramping up your efforts. This should also include a commitment to developing your go to market strategy. However, at this point, most manufacturers are heavily focused on the trials themselves. After all, if the trials aren’t a success, there will be no new drug to release to the market.

That said, it’s important to also continue to invest in your commercialization strategy. Like the Preclinical phase, Phase I is primarily about learning. We can help in a number of ways.

Services We Recommend at
Phase I

Market Intelligence

Gain awareness of your drug’s disease landscape and competitor activities to determine how to differentiate your drug in the market to be successful.
Save time and money without losing out on important developments in the pharma world with our full medical congress coverage services.
Understand what physicians and patients want to see from your new product with our in-depth primary source interviewing services.