Patient Services: A Must-have for Any Specialty Product Launch

Patient Services: a Must-Have for any Specialty Launch

Patient Services have become a must-have for any specialty product launching today. Many pharmaceutical clients are looking to expand their reach and offer enhanced services to their patients, particularly in a competitive landscape.

So what makes a good program GREAT?  It all starts with identifying needs:
  • Who are my patients?
  • Who are the healthcare providers?
  • Which services may have the greatest impact?

Even a well-designed, comprehensive patient support program may fall short of delivering on ease-of-access and white-glove service if nobody takes the time to understand the needs of the patients. At Two Labs, we believe program designs must be validated by the end users to ensure the services deployed are really meeting the patients’ needs.

Models are pressure tested by meeting with advisory boards and focus groups:
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Focus groups provide a tremendous opportunity to gain valuable patient insights and help ensure subtle details and nuances of patient needs aren’t missed or overlooked.

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Advisory boards provide confirmation whether your proposed model and tactics for delivery will fit into the healthcare providers’ workflow.

While the services are meant to eliminate access burdens for patients, we must not overlook that many patient service programs rely on the healthcare provider to both educate and enroll patients into these service programs.

Please visit our Patient Services Strategy & Implementation page to learn more about our services and recommendations for designing and implementing a best-in-class patient support program.

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