Orphan Rare Disease Drug Launch Strategy

Orphan Drug / Rare Disease Consulting Services

A Highly Specialized And Focused Orphan Drug Team

Two Labs has a dedicated orphan drug consulting team of analysts and consultants who work with the complex issues that are specific to orphan drug development. We provide our clients with both scientific and business acumen required for accurate analysis of competing MOAs and corporate strategies of companies engaged in drug development in the field of orphan diseases.

25 Years Of Experience In Orphan Diseases

Two Labs has helped consult various companies in the field of orphan diseases.

Two Labs’ dedicated orphan diseases team provides the required expertise to optimize not only orphan disease launch adaptations but commercial market strategies through a combination of: launch planning support, primary field-intelligence and market insights for orphan drugs, competitive pipeline analysis, in-licensing reviews, biomarker analysis, and benchmarking of orphan drug marketing organizations.

Providing The Orphan Diseases Stratalog Launch Analog Service You Need

Two Labs’ orphan drug launch analog service is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. From preparation to wrap-up, our process provides the information and field-intelligence to support a focused and targeted orphan drug strategy.

Optimizing Commercial Market Strategies To Maximize Orphan Drug Launch Adoptions

Two Labs has extensive experience advising companies about the dynamics of marketing orphan drugs, and can offer knowledge of successful and unsuccessful launches, in this area to help guide the planning and execution of an optimal launch for a new orphan drug therapy.

Orphan Disease – Market Challenges

Orphan Drugs require a different approach in commercial marketing compared to traditional pharmaceutical products. The market for each different orphan disease is miniscule. Two Labs uses launch analogs to provide the pharma industry with a detailed understanding of successfully launched orphan drugs.

Due to the non-traditional approach for these orphan drugs, companies seeking to develop these treatments should be undertaking initiative, ideally in the early stages of Phase II. Some of the recommended initiatives are:

Physician Development
Finding and developing physicians in the area of the particular orphan disease to become champions for the development of the treatment

Patient Development
Identify and encourage these rare patients to enroll in registries, to help build an international community of patients to benefit from the developing therapy

Advocacy Organization Development
Strengthening existing advocacy organization or helping create a new one

Trial Design Optimization
Working with the regulatory agencies to achieve Orphan Drug Designation and ensure proper trial design

Access and Reimbursement Development
Developing appropriate access so that all patients can benefit from the new therapy

Appropriate Pricing
Learn from others to optimize return winning price strategies

Targeting The Orphan Drug Market

There are numerous ways a pharma & biotech company can target the patients and physicians of the orphan drug market.

During the pre-launch phase, the strategy should educate the market about the rare disease and develop more awareness. Pharma & biotech companies should use the following examples for effective promotional strategies during the pre-launch:

  • Enhance awareness for patients, family, and healthcare providers, preceding the launch of the product, in cooperation with advocacy group.
  • Create a sense of community for those who suffer with the rare disease. Encourage the patients to register and share their story.
  • Encourage patients to register, thereby helping the pharma company build a potential client pool by the time the drug is ready to be launched.
  • Use a medical claim analysis to identify the doctors currently treating these patients.

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