Oncology Drug Development Competitive Intelligence

Oncology Drug Development Support, Market Strategies, Launch Adoptions, and Congress Coverage Services

Pennside: Oncology Drug Development Competitive Intelligence

Offering Industry and Oncology Market-Specific Programs Within a Broad Range of Functional Areas

A Highly Specialized and Focused Oncology Team

We have a dedicated oncology consulting team of analysts and consultants who deal solely with the complex issues specific to oncology drug development. We provide our clients with the scientific and business acumen required for accurate analysis of competing MOAs and corporate strategies of companies engaged in drug development in the oncology arena.

Pennside: Oncology Drug Development Competitive Intelligence

Oncology Drug Development Support for 6 Key Functional Areas

Our oncology drug development support strategy covers these important areas critical to your success:

  1. Launch analog service: launch support, including marketing, sales, and benchmarking
  2. Oncology congress coverage service
  3. Post-launch intelligence and market monitoring
  4. Oncology biomarker analysis
  5. Business development and licensing / M&A support
  6. Tumor / MOA clinical pipeline analysis

Optimizing Commercial Market Strategies & Oncology Launch Adoptions

Two Labs’ dedicated oncology team provides the expertise required to optimize both oncology launch adoptions and commercial market strategies through a combination of: launch planning support, primary field-intelligence and market insights for oncology therapeutics, competitive pipeline analysis, inclicensing reviews, biomarker analysis, and benchmarking of oncology marketing organizations.

Pennside: Oncology Drug Development Competitive Intelligence

Launch Planning Support

  • Core expertise on pre-launch and launch strategy consulting. Our key fields include Clinical, Regulatory, Strategy, Marketing and Sales.
  • Analysis of previous oncology drug launches (Launch Analog Service).

Primary Field-Intelligence & Market Insights for Oncology Therapeutics

  • Two Labs provides the accurate business intelligence and market insights our clients need to make strategic and tactical decisions
  • Focus on critical details not available in published sources
  • Qualified staff who conduct in-depth, peer-to-peer interviews with industry participants at all levels of the healthcare value chain, including: KOLs, MDs, Pharmacists, Scientists, Marketing & Sales Experts

Competitive Pipeline Analysis

  • Complete analysis of competitor drugs from both cancer indication perspective or MOA, put together with business analysis of a company’s ability to successfully launch a true competitive threat
  • Learn more: Oncology pipeline analysis

Inclicensing Reviews

  • Analysis of drug candidates/ companies suitable for partnering or in-licensing for oncology therapeutics

Biomarker Analysis

  • Review of efforts being made to “personalize” therapies for various agents in development and analysis of the likelihood of success

Benchmarking of Oncology Marketing Organizations

  • Support with regard to strategic positioning, pricing and tactical implementation
  • Resourcing, field force, sales and peer influence activities
  • Benchmarking of detailed clinical and marketing spend levels

Providing Oncology Congress Coverage Uniquely Tailored To Your Needs

Two Labs’ oncology conference coverage service is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. From preparation, to congress attendance, to wrap-up, our process provides the information and field-intelligence to support a focused and targeted oncology strategy.

Pennside: Oncology Drug Development Competitive Intelligence

Step 1: Congress Preparation

We’ll create a congress schedule that includes presentations of particular interest. A range of cancer indications and issues will be selected for coverage, including key intelligence topics (KITs) important to your strategy.

Step 2: Congress Attendance

Two Labs will attend each conference, gathering key intelligence, including:

  • Digital image capture of key presentation slides
  • Personal coverage of key corporate-sponsored symposia, oral, plenary, late-breaking and poster sessions
  • Personal interviews with KOLs, MDs, and industry contacts
  • Collection of booth materials with analysis of competitive product positioning and key messaging themes

Step 3: Congress Wrap Up

The wrap up will include both high-level and detailed information as follows:

  • Formal presentation of answers to key intelligence topics as well as other major findings
  • Provision of a summary congress report (PowerPoint document)
  • Provision of full congress report CD-ROM containing images of key posters, presentations, and exhibits

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