New White Paper: Pathways of Care, Shifting Financial Risk and Value Frameworks – Where is the Oncology Market Heading?

Historically, the management of oncology drugs in the U.S. has remained relatively hands-off, despite high budget impact. However, the situation may be changing. Recently, there has been discussion around new management tools, shifting of financial risk, and the influence of value frameworks.

In June 2020, Two Labs conducted a panel with payers, hematology and oncology providers, and representatives from several big pharma and small biotech companies with oncology medications on the market or in their pipeline to learn more about their perspectives on the future of the oncology market.

During the panel, we discussed results from a recent survey of 120 hematologists and oncologists and 25 payers representing 112.6 million lives. The survey and resulting discussion focused on traditional management tools, oncology-specific management tools, systemic management tools, and value frameworks.

The insights from this panel provided us with recommendations for manufacturers as they navigate a changing oncology landscape. For more information and to download our white paper which recaps the discussion and key takeaways, fill out the form below:

White paper: Where is the Oncology Market Heading?

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