Two Labs' 20th Anniversary

After 20 years, one thing we know for sure at Two Labs is that progress in the pharmaceutical industry happens when we work together. Each person brings a vital piece to solve the puzzle, creating a complete picture. This collaboration empowers us to make a significant impact on patients’ lives. There’s no better occasion to honor the visionaries, leaders, and dedicated experts who have made an enduring impact on the industry, their organizations, and patients, than as we celebrate our 20-year milestone.

Let's hear it!

Let’s help celebrate our final shout out to end our 20th anniversary celebration with Rich Wartel, the Founder of Two Labs. Rich is an extraordinary individual who continues to leave his mark on patients and the pharmaceutical industry. Join us in honoring Rich as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of his visionary journey – a journey that has allowed us to positively impact the lives of people: patients, clients, families and our communities.

Two decades ago, Rich founded Two Labs, a name that was uniquely inspired by his two Labrador retrievers. He founded the company with a clear purpose – to do purposeful life-impacting work by addressing the needs of emerging pharma manufacturers. And just like our working-dog namesakes, he established an organization that demonstrates fierce loyalty to serving and exercising our intelligence. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Rich expanded the company’s services over the 17 years he was CEO, hired a team of talented professionals, and led the acquisition of two companies, further enhancing Two Labs’ capabilities and elevating its influence within the industry.

Rich’s journey to impact the lives of others doesn’t stop with the pharmaceutical industry. Through his volunteering and financial support to so many non-profits such as Team Rubicon, Run the Race, Crohn’s and Colitis, and the 5KforJK Parkinson’s non-profit, he continues to transform the lives of countless individuals. In addition, Rich continues to develop companies focused on Patient access through his latest venture, Cannova (, a healthcare analytic company focused on eprescribing and track and trace for the reimbursement of medical cannabis.

His dedication and commitment to improving healthcare outcomes serve as a true inspiration. Today, we celebrate the incredible legacy of Rich Wartel and the impact he has made over the past 20 years. We express our gratitude to Rich for his visionary leadership, determination, and the countless lives he has touched. Here’s to many more years of continued success, innovation, and making a meaningful difference in the world of healthcare!

Let’s celebrate Ayisha Jeter, Interim Chief Commercial Officer at Arcutis, as a true powerhouse in the pharma industry. Starting as a sales representative, she’s scaled the corporate ladder to reach the pinnacle of success. Her incredible breadth and depth of pharma experience, coupled with her exceptional leadership capabilities, set her apart as an industry trailblazer.

But Ayisha’s leadership goes beyond her official role. She exemplifies what it means to step up when the need arises. Currently, she’s serving as interim CCO, taking charge in the face of unexpected circumstances. Ayisha’s unwavering dedication and talent guarantee that she’ll achieve remarkable things during her time in this new role.

Not only is Ayisha a visionary leader, but she is also a champion for diversity and inclusion. As one of the founders of the Arcutis Culture Team, she actively promotes a workplace environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Her commitment to fostering diversity sets an inspiring example for all aspiring leaders in the pharma industry.

Join us in applauding Ayisha Jeter for her extraordinary accomplishments and unwavering dedication. Let’s hear it for this exceptional woman in pharma leadership!

Let’s hear it for Albert Cooksey, we want to shine a spotlight on an incredible individual who is making a significant impact in the world of logistics and supply chain management. 

Join us in recognizing Albert Cooksey, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of 3PL Services for ICS. With his strategic vision and operational expertise, Albert plays a crucial role in overseeing the ICS business. His leadership has propelled the development of innovative support models that prioritize the well-being of patients, thanks to an exceptional team. Albert’s extensive knowledge and experience in supply chain and distribution management have been instrumental in the successful launch of numerous pharmaceuticals. For over 20 years, he has dedicated his career to 3PL services, continuously demonstrating his commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Let’s show our appreciation for Albert Cooksey and his remarkable contributions to ICS and the industry as a whole.

Today, we want to give a big shout-out to Mike McDole, an exceptional leader who is making a difference in the market access field. Join us in recognizing Mike for his outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment to success. As the leader of his market access team, Mike demonstrates incredible leadership skills. 

He shields his team from distractions, allowing them to focus on the essential aspects that ensure products reach patients efficiently. His dedication to creating a conducive work environment is truly commendable. One of the key products Mike and his team champion is Fotivda, an oncolytic making waves in a highly competitive market. Through collaboration with his channel partners, Mike consistently drives everyone to excel and do the right thing. He’s a true advocate for ethical practices and high standards. Beyond his professional endeavors, Mike is renowned for his genuine personality. When he asks how you’re doing, he genuinely cares about your well-being. His authenticity creates meaningful connections and fosters a supportive work environment. Mike’s commitment to the growth of others is evident through his support and promotion of individuals within the industry. He goes above and beyond to connect colleagues, facilitating knowledge-sharing and collective growth. Plus, did we mention he’s a HUGE dog person?

Let’s celebrate Mike McDole and the remarkable impact he’s making within the market access realm. Thank you, Mike, for your exemplary leadership and genuine spirit. You inspire us all!

Let’s hear it for Bill Richards, VP Market Access at argenx! Bill Richards, the visionary Market Access leader behind the product launch of Vyvgart at argenx, deserves a round of applause for his incredible work.

He had a crystal-clear vision of what he wanted to achieve and handpicked a remarkable market access team to bring that vision to life. argenx has an ambitious plan to launch 5 products in 5 years, and Bill’s strategic thinking revolved around building a team that would ensure sustainable growth. But what sets Bill and the entire team at argenx apart is their unwavering focus on the patient. They prioritize the patient’s well-being above all else, consistently asking, “How will this impact the patient?” Understanding the importance of access to their life-changing products, Bill knew that innovation was necessary. He took a unique approach to partner with distributors in order to get product to the patients is a more effective way. Let’s give a resounding cheer for Bill Richards and the entire team at argenx for their dedication to improving patient outcomes and revolutionizing the way products reach those in need. Together, they are making a positive impact and paving the way for a healthier future.

Let’s hear it for Lisa Fleury, AVP Market Access and Trade at Reata Pharmaceuticals. With an impressive 20 years of experience in the field, Lisa is an exceptional market access expert who has dedicated her career to designing and implementing access/reimbursement strategies for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies. 

Lisa’s expertise lies in developing comprehensive strategies, generating evidence, and effectively communicating targeted messages on access issues for providers and payers. She has been instrumental in creating full-service patient and provider support programs, including contact centers and clinical/reimbursement field teams. However, Lisa’s connection to her work goes beyond her professional achievements. Reata’s recent FDA approval of SKYCLARYS for Freidrich’s Ataxia, an ultra-rare neurodegenerative disease is personal. Lisa’s father’s diagnosis of an Ataxia disease, has fueled her unwavering determination. Despite numerous hurdles, Lisa and her incredible team were steadfast in their mission to secure FDA approval for SKYCLARYS, which is the first treatment ever approved for this complex condition. Today, we applaud Lisa Fleury for her exceptional accomplishments, tireless dedication, and profound impact on the field of market access and trade. Her efforts have not only elevated Reata Pharmaceuticals but have also marked a significant milestone in the advancement of drug development for Friedrich’s Ataxia. Congratulations, Lisa! Your passion and perseverance are an inspiration to us all.

Let’s give a big round of applause to Kendra Lebwohl, a phenomenal pharma executive who consistently delivers exceptional results. Kendra’s remarkable achievements include successfully overseeing four product launches. 

Her management style is executed with the utmost kindness and respect. The longevity of her team is a testament to her leadership and ability to foster a cohesive and dedicated group. Kendra’s outstanding contributions and commitment to excellence deserve our highest recognition and appreciation.

Let’s hear it for Rob Snyder, PharmD, MBA, CSP, the visionary CEO & Chairman of the Board at PANTHERx Rare Specialty! With his exceptional expertise and dedication, Rob has proven himself a true leader in the specialty pharmacy industry.

His extensive pharmaceuticals, managed care, and consulting background has set him apart as a versatile and results-driven healthcare professional. Throughout his career, Rob has been deeply committed to redefining and enhancing rare specialty pharmacy by anticipating the diverse needs of his pharmacy’s patients. His clinical knowledge and ability to simplify complex issues have made him invaluable in improving patient care. It has been through Rob’s leadership and unwavering focus on meeting the needs of individuals with rare and devastating disease that PANTHERx earned the MMIT Specialty Pharmacy Choice Award for the sixth time. Let’s applaud Rob Snyder for his outstanding achievement and unwavering dedication to advancing rare specialty pharmacy!

Join us in celebrating Paul Chen, Senior Director Trade and Channel Management at Lexicon Pharmaceuticals! Paul is an exceptional healthcare executive with a unique perspective on Market Access, Specialty Pharmacy, HUB services, Distribution, Managed Markets & Contracting strategies.

His innovative mindset, fueled by constant curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, truly sets him apart. With unwavering commitment and a drive to make a difference, Paul approached the recently FDA approved drug, INPEFA, in a truly unique way. Despite competing against industry giants, he fearlessly brought forth new ideas and innovative strategies to the table. Drawing from his experience as a former navy officer, Paul embraced the spirit of “Bravo Zulu,” meaning “job well done” in navy speak. He aimed to infuse this spirit into his launch, pushing boundaries and going above and beyond the norm. Let’s give a resounding round of applause to Paul Chen for his remarkable contributions, his unwavering dedication to continuous learning, and his ability to think innovatively to achieve exceptional outcomes. Bravo Zulu, Paul!”

Let’s give a well-deserved applause to Paul Jardina, a key driving force behind the growth of highly regarded specialty pharmacies including PromptCare and Onco 360. With his extensive expertise and focus on “always putting the patient first,” Paul excels in helping specialty pharmacies establish a strong foundation for expansion and success.

His in-depth understanding of the business is evident in his ability to navigate the intricacies of the industry. Paul’s valuable contributions and guidance have been instrumental in propelling the growth of specialty pharmacies. Let’s celebrate Paul for his outstanding knowledge and dedication in advancing the field of specialty pharmacy.

Let’s give a standing ovation to Joel Wayment, an exceptional executive in the pharmaceutical third-party logistics (3PL) industry, who sets himself apart from the competition by making it personal. Joel’s initiative to make things personal has transformed their 3PL operations, making it truly distinct from others in the industry.

When working with Cardinal, it’s evident that Joel infuses a personal touch into every aspect of the business. The presence of pictures of people and products on the walls serves as a constant reminder to the 3PL team about the contents of each box, making their approach truly unique in the 3PL space. With a strong patient-driven focus in healthcare, the impact of Joel’s efforts is palpable and evident in every interaction. Let’s celebrate Joel for his exceptional commitment to a personalized and patient-centric approach in the pharmaceutical 3PL industry.

Let’s hear it for Ben Fernandez, Chief Commercial Officer at Onco360 for his outstanding leadership and dedication to taking his specialty pharmacy to the next level. His pharmacy is widely recognized as a leader in oncology care, providing exceptional patient and clinical care, while also supporting manufacturers, providers, and payers. 

Ben’s leadership and focus on pharmacy excellence has elevated the patient experience and set a high standard for the industry. He truly deserves our recognition and appreciation.

Let’s give a standing ovation to Amber Walker, who has risen to the position of Senior Director through sheer determination and hard work. Amber’s journey is a testament to her unwavering grit and resilience. Starting from the bottom, She utilized the knowledge and skills gained early in her career to pave her way to success. 

Amber’s ability to leverage her foundation and continuously learn and grow has been instrumental in her professional advancement. Let’s celebrate Amber for her exceptional drive, tenacity, and the inspiring example she sets for others in the industry.

Let’s give a resounding applause to Robert Rouse, an exceptional leader in the field of market access, who successfully brought CSL’s groundbreaking gene therapy to the hemophilia patient community. Robert spearheaded the launch of this pioneering gene therapy, making it the first approved gene therapy for Hemophilia B in the US. 

As the Head of US Market Access, he played a pivotal role in driving the launch from every angle, ensuring its success. Robert’s ability to consolidate cross-functional priorities, ensure appropriate access, and keep launch objectives on target was instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving their goals. Let’s celebrate Robert for his outstanding contributions to the hemophilia community, field of gene therapy, and his unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes.

Let’s give a huge shoutout to Brent Yoches for his exceptional commitment to leveraging his market access expertise and making a significant impact on the growth of five start-ups! His dedication to helping these companies build their commercial infrastructure and thrive is truly remarkable and deserves our utmost recognition. 

With over 20 years of experience as a Pharmaceutical & Biotech commercial business leader, Brent has an extensive background in healthcare. Whether it’s supporting pre-launch, newly launched, or late life-cycle products, Brent has consistently demonstrated his deep understanding and mastery of the industry. His passion for empowering start-ups and helping them achieve their full potential is truly commendable.

Let’s give a big shout out to Shevonne Taylor! Her extraordinary leadership and unwavering dedication have left an everlasting impact in the pricing and contract segment of the pharma industry. One of her remarkable achievements was spearheading groundbreaking changes in the contract landscape. 

With fearlessness and determination, she implemented a new strategy that revolutionized her organization. The profound impact of her efforts cannot be overstated. Beyond her exceptional strategic abilities, Shevonne is an exceptional people leader. She possesses a remarkable talent for actively listening to the needs of her employees and nurturing their development and growth. Her genuine commitment to building strong teams and considering the needs of internal stakeholders sets her apart as a true team player. She sets an extraordinary example of all of us, showcasing the transformative power of resilience, determination and grace under pressure.

Let’s celebrate Shevonne for her outstanding contributions to the pharma industry.

Let’s give a standing ovation to Hiro Sakamoto, an outstanding pharma executive who successfully led a challenging product transition at a first time commercial company from Japan. Facing tight timelines, Hiro and his organization demonstrated exceptional foresight, meticulously planning in executing the transition over several months, recognizing the zero margin for error. 

What truly sets Hiro apart is his humble and open-minded approach. Hiro reached out for assistance and was eager to learn and accept support. His willingness to embrace uncertainty and acknowledge areas of unfamiliarity is truly admirable. Let’s celebrate Hiro for his remarkable leadership, adaptability, and commitment to ensuring a seamless product transition and first time commercial launch.

Let’s congratulate Ela Lourido, Vice President, Biopharma Services, at Biologics by McKesson. She is an outstanding pharmaceutical executive who goes above and beyond to ensure the right services are available to those who need them. Her innovative approach includes spearheading specialty pharmacy initiatives aimed at making specialty pharmacy services more accessible to a larger number of patients – 

and most recently launching a risk stratification care model proven to drive improved outcomes for oncology patients. Throughout her various roles, Ela maintains a steadfast focus on patient centricity, consistently prioritizing the needs and well-being of the individuals she serves. Her unwavering dedication to expanding access and improving patient outcomes in oncology and rare disease is truly commendable. Let’s celebrate Ela for her exceptional contributions to the pharmaceutical industry

Let’s hear it for Randy Maloziec for his extraordinary commitment to personal advocacy in the pharmaceutical industry. After a deeply personal experience of losing his father to uveal melanoma, Randy fearlessly embarked on a journey with Immunocore, a groundbreaking biotech company dedicated to developing innovative treatments for a range of diseases, including uveal melanoma.

As the Leader for U.S. Market Access, Randy played a pivotal role in the successful approval and launch of Immunocore’s new treatment, not only the world’s first T-Cell Receptor therapy to be approved but also the first FDA approved treatment for metastatic uveal melanoma. This new treatment is also the first to demonstrate a survival benefit for patients living with this devastating disease.But Randy’s passion doesn’t stop at his professional achievements. In his spare time, he fearlessly tackles various mountains to raise awareness and support for the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF). Today, we celebrate Randy’s unwavering commitment and incredible contributions. His career investment in this vital cause sets a remarkable standard and deserves the highest recognition. Join us in giving a resounding applause to Randy, a true champion of personal advocacy in the pharmaceutical industry!