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Continuing to improve your product’s market presence

As with any product that’s selling on the market, the management of a new drug is hardly complete once it launches. From continuing to learn about new developments in the market to quickly resolving issues that arise, there are plenty of things to keep manufacturers busy with their new treatments. It’s also vital that you stay on top of any new legal developments so that you don’t risk losing any of your state licenses.

It’s also important at the Growth phase to begin considering your loss of exclusivity strategy. How you handle the expiration of your patent can have a tremendous impact on the long-term value of your drug. Some manufacturers don’t begin thinking about this until they get close to that LOE date, but proper, early planning is imperative for maximizing the value of your product through its entire lifecycle.

Services We Recommend at
the Growth Phase


Many see compendia databases as just a pricebook, but they’re so much more. In fact, an incorrect classification can mean a failed launch.
In many ways, timely state licensing is just as important for your launch as the FDA approval process.
Expecting EHR visibility without a proactive and reactive approach equates to lost sales, especially with the prevalence of e-prescribing in today’s market.
From choosing the right 3PL partner to tracking and analyzing performance, optimizing your trade strategy is a significant part of commercial success.

Market Access

An engagement strategy that effectively communicates with payers to achieve favorable access is paramount to the successful launch of a product.
Just as with launching a new product, managing a product’s loss of exclusivity (LOE) requires strategic planning and oversight.
It’s imperative manufacturers have a thorough understanding of out of pocket (OOP) costs and the reimbursement support options available to them.
In today’s competitive landscape, a one-size-fits-all approach to your market access strategy is not enough.

Market Intelligence

Increase your awareness of your drug’s disease landscape and competitor activities to determine how to differentiate your drug in the market to be successful.
Save time and money without losing out on important developments in the pharma world with our full medical congress coverage services.
Understand what physicians and patients want to see from your new product with our in-depth primary source interviewing services.
Gain the most from your benchmarking study with our key insights, complete with an action list and detailed recommendations.
Our extensive experience monitoring and assessing all therapeutic categories allows us to provide insights to support licensing and acquisition decisions.
Our Competitive Simulations are your key to deeper competitor insight and a smarter business development strategy.
Whether your drug is going off-patent soon or you are developing a new agent, gaining insight into other generics and biosimilars in development is critical.

We’re here to support your success from clinical to commercial – and beyond.

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