Gross to Net Planning

Two Labs’ Gross to Net Solutions team partners with pharma manufacturers to determine accurate expenses and revenue so they can create operations and funding plans that meet their needs. Our analyses are grounded in experience – we have led over 200 relevant projects – which can significantly improve a launch plan if done at the beginning of the process.

Our Gross to Net Principles

Think Beyond the Model

A gross to net model is only as good as the assumptions and philosophy that drive it. Manufacturers need to be able to answer questions like:

  • How does gross to net differ by channel?

  • How can we influence gross to net?

  • Should we invest our dollars with payers? With patients?

  • What assumptions should we use?

  • With specialty products, what are the expenses we need to expect for launching?

  • What is the Market Access strategy?

Everything Must Be Accounted For

The first step with developing an accurate gross to net model is making sure all expenses are accounted for. This can change based on the type of drug you are launching, but generally it’s:

  • Fair market value and appropriate assumptions
  • The current pharma climate
  • Channel / 3PL costs

  • Copay assistance

  • Patient assistant program costs

  • Specialty pharmacy costs

  • Market Access / Payer fees

  • Government pricing

Emerging Pharma Should not Rely on Large Pharma Models

In many cases, we have seen CFOs at emerging manufacturers rely on previous experience at a big pharma company. But costs are different when working at a smaller scale, and how gross to net was predicted in large pharma isn’t likely to translate very well into the emerging pharma market.

Gross to Net Planning Is an Ongoing Project

Creating your gross to net model isn’t a singular part of the process, but rather it needs to continually be evaluated and adjusted according to any decisions that are made as part of the launch. The result of a comprehensive gross to net process such as this is an accurate and efficient picture of finances which informs a unique and effective funding, operations, and sales plan.

How We Can Help

At Two Labs, we’ve seen unprepared launches miss their gross to net target by more than 15%, which completely disrupts a business case for a new drug. Our experience with more than 200 relevant projects helps you plan for and respond to every evolving detail necessary to avoid making costly mistakes. Understanding the key elements early pre-launch is crucial to ensuring all expenses are being accounted for in the forecasting models.

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