Webinar Recap: Optimizing Patient Support: The Key Roles of Ongoing Training & Quality Monitoring

As healthcare continues to evolve, the importance of innovative patient support programs has never been more critical. This was the focus of our recent webinar, “Optimizing Patient Support: The Key Roles of Ongoing Training & Quality Monitoring.” The webinar featured insightful discussions led by industry experts, including Paul R. Battaglia, VP of Patient Support Services and Emily Campbell, Director of Global Talent Development and Training.

So, what sets apart high-quality patient support? It’s the unwavering commitment to continuous education and stringent quality monitoring. These elements are crucial for navigating the complex nature of patient care. By fostering a culture of perpetual learning, patient support personnel are equipped to stay on top of the latest healthcare trends and strategies, ensuring their services are both innovative and empathetic. Moreover, rigorous quality control guarantees that patient services meet and surpass expectations, setting a new benchmark for healthcare excellence.

Ensuring Excellence Beyond Launch: Post-Launch Monitoring and Ongoing Training

A standout patient support program doesn’t end with its launch; it evolves. Post-launch monitoring is essential for ensuring the continued effectiveness and relevance of patient support programs, allowing for the timely identification and correction of any emerging issues or performance gaps. This vigilance in monitoring ensures that patient care standards are maintained and continually enhanced, reflecting a proactive approach to healthcare support. Continuous improvement through post-launch monitoring and ongoing training is pivotal, where a feedback loop merges quality monitoring with precise training interventions, ensuring the team’s proficiency in superior patient support. This strategy underscores a commitment to patient care excellence, nurturing trust and loyalty towards supported brands.

Blended Learning: A Pathway to Comprehensive Training

We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to learning does not work in the complex and dynamic world of healthcare support. Two Labs’ training program design strategy is founded on a commitment to blended learning, a methodology that combines various teaching modalities to address the diverse learning styles of adult learners. This approach is pivotal to achieving successful certification and a comprehensive understanding of the program they will support.

1. Aligning with Business Goals and Workload Anticipation

The journey begins with a deep dive into the foundational goals of your business and the specific program the training is intended to support. This initial phase is crucial for aligning the training content with your organization’s objectives and preparing the trainees for their anticipated workload. By understanding the business’s essence and the program’s intricacies early on, we lay a solid groundwork for the detailed training that follows. This phase ensures that trainees grasp their roles and responsibilities within the broader context of their support tasks.

2. Layering in Workflow and Responsibilities

As the training progresses, we introduce more specific details about the workflow and key responsibilities. This is achieved through a mix of classroom discussions, demonstrations, e-learning modules, and formal simulations. This multi-faceted approach allows trainees to actively engage with the material, applying what they learn in practical, real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience is invaluable for solidifying their understanding and ensuring they are fully prepared for the challenges ahead.

3. Utilizing Resources and Self-Study Opportunities

To complement the structured training sessions, we provide a wealth of resources, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), call guides, AI-based e-learning, and reference materials. These tools are designed to facilitate self-study, allowing trainees to explore topics at their own pace and reinforce their learning. This independent learning aspect is crucial for fostering a deeper understanding and retention of the training content.

4. Conducting Simulations and Providing Feedback

Where applicable, we allocate time for call and system simulations, creating a safe environment for trainees to practice their skills. These simulations are followed by constructive feedback, praising strengths and identifying areas for improvement. This feedback loop is not only essential for personal development but also ensures that best practices are shared and reinforced across the team. Ongoing support and coaching continue beyond the formal training period to ensure sustained performance excellence.

5. Implementing Knowledge Checks and Certification

Before transitioning to live production, we conduct thorough knowledge checks and require comprehensive sign-offs to certify readiness. This final step confirms that each team member possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their role, ensuring they are fully prepared to handle the demands of their position.

Expanding our Training Solutions

We understand that the need for quality training solutions is as diverse as the challenges our clients face. Whether you’re launching a new program, seeking to enhance your team’s skills after call monitoring, or looking to refresh your current curriculum, we offer learning and development solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Our training solutions encompass a standard yet customizable curriculum that covers essential topics from Customer Service 101 to specialized subjects such as Insurance 101 and Pharma Industry 101. We also delve into employee development with courses on

  • Effective Communication
  • Navigating Feedback Conversations
  • Leadership training in Resiliency and Change Management
  • Hiring Top Talent Performance
  • Management

Our materials, designed to cater to various learning preferences, include lecture-based training, AI-enhanced e-learning, call guides, SCORM files for Learning Management Systems, interactive learning activities, and more. While we offer a comprehensive list of topics, we are always open to collaborating with you to create custom materials that align uniquely with your brand, workflow, and products. Additionally, we are equipped to develop new employee training programs, ensuring your team is fully prepared to meet and exceed the demands of their roles.

Download and watch the full webinar replay to hear the insightful discussions led by our industry experts.

Next Steps for Optimizing Your Patient Support Program

Two Labs’ focus on post-launch quality monitoring and ongoing training exemplifies its commitment to excellence in patient support. By prioritizing these areas, Two Labs ensures that its patient support services remain at the forefront of quality, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction. This approach not only fosters brand loyalty and trust but also establishes a solid foundation for the continuous enhancement of patient care standards.

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