Build a seamless bridge to your patients with a comprehensive EHR strategy.

A great deal of work goes into ensuring patients can access and adhere to new drugs, including developing and implementing patient support programs. However, if prescribers can’t find your drug in their EHR systems, patients won’t be able to receive it in the first place, much less adhere to a treatment plan.

Now, with most people working from home and most physicians no longer meeting in-person with sales reps, it’s critical to have virtual support to eliminate any visibility problems that arise as quickly as possible.

How We Can Help with Remote EHR Visibility

To make sure that you achieve HCP visibility as quickly as possible, we take a three-pronged, virtual approach.

EHR Strategy

We begin by analyzing your product to prioritize which systems are most important for your drug.

Through our out-bound call program, we identify key EHR platforms and the individuals who are involved in the process to build out effective sales leads.

Proactive Submissions

Each of the 700+ EHR systems updates their systems with compendia data at their own frequency. Some update every month, while others do it every 3 or 6 months. This means if new drug data is submitted late and misses their updates, the drug won’t be visible to HCPs until their next development cycle.

Submitting your drug’s information to the EHR systems minimizes most visibility problems before they have a chance to cause lost sales. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on how to best sell your new product.

Reactive Roll-Out

Once your drug has launched, our team is available to help resolve any visibility issues that arise. Using our exclusive iOS / Windows app, sales reps can remotely submit visibility issues to our team, which we work to resolve in 72 hours or less. This app:

  • Simplifies how sales representatives can assist prescribers or physicians resolve product listing and other EHR issues immediately.
  • Allows your sales reps to quickly submit an HCP issue that is sent back to our team to begin resolving, allowing the reps to continue focusing on clinical discussion.
  • Provides additional guides and resources to navigate EHR dialogue with the HCP removing barriers to prescribing and, if possible, manually load products.

We also provide training and education to ensure your team is equipped to help resolve issues as quickly as possible. Ultimately, this helps ensure your New Product Launch is a success.


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