Navigate market challenges and find the right path for your DTx product with our established launch blueprint

Compendia: ensure your therapy’s inclusion and proper classification in compendia databases 

Market Access: determine reimbursement pathways and pricing strategies that increase the probability of commercial success 

EHRx Solutions: build utilization and support sales teams by ensuring physicians can find your therapy in their systems 

Channel Strategy and Implementation: secure your therapy’s reach to patients and safely integrate their data
The DTx market segment is growing rapidly – but the path to commercialization is often unclear

As DTx products continue to gain momentum and prove to be an integral part of personalized healthcare and value-based care, it is imperative that companies are able to successfully bring these products to market to improve patients’ lives. 

Nevertheless, bringing DTx to the mainstream is no small task. There are myriad challenges that can easily inhibit your product’s success, particularly when it comes to aligning stakeholders, achieving payer coverage, and ensuring HCP visibility. Having worked with over 120 small and emerging biotech manufacturers to help bring their innovative therapies to market, we’re here to help. 

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Inconsistent or nonexistent compendia classifications create a variety of downstream problems for DTx manufacturers. That said, there is no universal standard for classifying these products – which is where we come in. Our experienced compendia team can streamline your classifications to help ensure visibility, product differentiation, and accurate and up-to-date data.  

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Market Access

Issues with product classification can also lead to issues with payers. Namely, it can limit payers’ access to product data – and many payers do not have defined DTx or PDT formularies, preventing claims-based payment models. Our team of experts understand the US and global market access landscapes and the need for flexibility in exploring and monitoring creative new pathways for reimbursement and funding.

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EHRx Solutions

If PDTs are not included in HCPs’ electronic health records systems (EHRs), it places a heavy burden on the HCP, forcing them to decide between filtering through irrelevant therapies at the time of writing a prescription or manually loading the product into their EHRs. Our EHR specialists have the expertise to help increase visibility, shorten data lags to HCPs, and ensure patients receive your new treatment as quickly as possible. 

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Channel Strategy and Implementation

Manufacturers are sensitive to patients receiving activation codes as fulfillment of a script and, as a result, are building digital or specialty pharmacy networks. Our team works to ensure sensitive patient data is properly integrated into medical record platforms across health systems and doctors’ offices, and we can help you navigate the unique challenges related to periodic updates after initial commercialization. 

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