Case Study: Post Launch Support


A biopharma client needed post-launch support for a patient services program for their breakthrough therapy and orphan drug designated immune-oncology product. 

Their external patient services model included a designated third-party partner that would handle:

  • case management
  • reimbursement
  • payor-facing activities
  • co-pay/affordability services
  • adherence/nursing
  • non-commercial pharmacy

The client was also planning to engage with a limited number of specialty pharmacies for commercially dispensing their product.

To monitor and optimize their patient services program, the client needed a team to oversee the post-launch operations, ensure the third-party partner was performing as intended, and identify opportunities to improve the program for all key stakeholders. 


After downloading on the goals and priorities of the patient services program, Two Labs provided Account Directors to serve as ‘Hub and Patient Services’ representatives.

These representatives assisted with the design and implementation of the patient support program and served as stakeholder-facing subject matter experts on the program. Following implementation, they were responsible for managing the third-party partner for 18 months post-launch to ensure an optimal patient experience throughout the therapy journey.

The day-to-day management and oversight that Two Labs provided included:

One year post-launch, Two Labs performed a deep dive into the patient support program and 3rd party partner to analyze what worked well and what didn’t, and then provided recommendations to further optimize the program.

Two Labs was also actively involved in the client’s National Sales Meeting, presenting an overview of the patient services program website to their sales/field team.

Shortly after post-launch support began, the client was acquired and became a subsidiary of another manufacturer, which resulted in reorganizations and a requirement to have their patient support program approved by the parent company. Two Labs assisted in this process by serving as the point of contact for coordination throughout this process.


The oversight and management that Two Labs provided resulted in consistent delivery of patient services and ensured that critical KPIs were met. Two Labs’ recommendations were the driving force behind numerous program improvements that optimized the patient and healthcare provider experiences. The client received numerous accolades for the program from healthcare professionals that were participating in it.

Two Labs received feedback that the post-launch support was a “game-changer,” that the Account Directors became a “true extension of the brand team” and that they saw Two Labs as a “trusted partner” for post-launch support.